Palace Station Buffet

Hours and Prices of the Palace Station Buffet:  scroll down.  A great option if you don’t mind the distance from the Vegas Strip and want a bargain-basement deal for a Vegas buffet meal but… we recommend you read our detailed review (accompanied by a video!  Palace Station’s all-you-can-eat is close enough to the Strip (but definitely not walking distance!) to make it an option if budget is an issue and if you stay in the area, although they do offer a shuttle service (see bottom of this page); however, there are arguably better affordable buffets in Vegas these days (more about those further down the page).  In the past they use to advertise buffet coupons on the local newspapers, which allowed people to eat here for one dollar!  However, their policy seems to have changed recently, and have copied the Boyd Gaming Buffets policy, namely that of offering very affordable basic prices, further reduced if you sign up to their players card.

But what is it like?

A mix between Subway, McDonalds and an ultra budget restaurant, with much more variety thus, for the price, a good deal.  If you like fast foods, you will be happy enough here because you can eat a lot of it for the very low fixed price. If you prefer different choices yet want to spend very little, go to affordable & beautiful Red Rock buffet or the Palms buffet (read our dedicated pages on those 2 buffets for details and updates), both off Strip.  Of course, for a bit more Studio B is THE best affordable mid-week buffet by any standards (lunch in particular).

Now, back to the affordable Palace Station buffet. One of the popular options here is the made-to-order burger.  The burger meat is cooked for you in the same way any fast-food outlet will cook it (it’s also the same type, so if you expect gourmet meat, the safest ‘bet’ is to go to the top 10 buffets in Vegas, not all of them expensive); you will have a choice of processed cheese and all the other garments you would expect from any run-of-the-mill fast-food burger joint. What we liked about this option is that we could at least add healthy garments from the salad section. If you like fast food burgers you will love this burger and the healthy option garments are always a welcome bonus

Pizza: it’s the high-doe type so we avoid it, but if you’re not fussy you’ll love the high amount of processed cheese generously layered.

Carving station: yes, there’s also a carving station so meat lovers can continue to feast on meat! Hot dogs and sausages are also available here.

Pasta: run-of-the-mill pasta selection with mountains of macaroni and cheese.

You can also find cooked fish (which is a welcome option for non-meat eaters) as well as the ubiquitous Mexican and Chinese stations.

A pleasant surprise here is the presence of a budget yet decent salad station with enough variety to satisfy someone who is at least trying to eat some healthy options! Of course, nothing like a salad at the huge Studio B.

The dessert section is varied and decent enough for the very low prices.  No gelato of course but you will find all the budget dessert options you can expect (including a self-serve ice-cream machine).

All in all, if you consider the very low prices, this ultra affordable all-you-can-eat is a good choice if quantity and a very low budget are a must for you, provided you are in the area and cannot go elsewhere; otherwise, the Red Rock buffet (Red Rock is part of the same group as Palace Station, so you can use the same players card and obtain further discounts) is more elegant alternative with good variety of dishes (although their quality fluctuates somewhat); Palms’ is another great alternative (we go into detail on our page on the Palms Vegas buffet.

There are other budget buffet options such as downtown Buffets (not so great lately) as well as the Silverton buffet, the Gold Coast Buffet, South Point, Orleans Buffet (we encourage you to read our reviews by clicking the underlined titles).

We have a video of the Palace Station buffet, just go to our Vegas ‘Real’ Videos section.

For a little more you can have a midweek lunch to remember for years to come:  read our Studio B review!

Palace Station Buffet Hours & Prices

Breakfast Mon – Sat 7:00AM – 11:00AM $5.99*
Lunch Mon – Sat 11:00AM – 4:00PM $6.99*
Dinner Weekly 4:00PM – 9:00PM $7.99*
Brunch Sunday 7:00AM – 4:00PM $9.99*
Children under 2 free.
*With Boarding Pass Card

Buffet prices do not include tax, and are subject to change. Please check with them over the phone in case they have adopted a last-minute change.  Phone 1 702 367 2411

Location:  2411 West Sahara Avenue;  it’s off Strip and definitely not walking distance.  They do offer a shuttle to the Strip for their guests and buffet and casino guests can arguably use it too.  You can check their own shuttle timetable page.

Check our Top 10 Buffets in Vegas page (constantly updated), which includes  some affordable options.  Some ask: why eat at Vegas buffets when there are really cheap ways to eat a mountain of food in Vegas? Because all-you-can eats, especially in ‘Sin City’, are a great option given the exceptional variety and – to some extent (depending on where you eat) quality of what you can eat for the fixed price.

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