SLS Buffet Review

Note:  this buffet is closed; it may reopen with a new identity mostly aiming at attracting Vegas locals to this area of the Strip.  If it does open, we’ll let you know.

In our opinion the price tag was a deterrent for those willing to venture to this still-not-so-trafficked area of the Strip.  Perhaps, when the new Resorts World is open, the area will undergo a revival for, but now, their price tag was ambitious.

(For breakfast, lunch and dinner prices:  scroll down this page). Yes, the new buffet in town and… On the North Strip, an area desperately in need of new life.  We will video review this buffet shortly, and write a long review afterwards.  Meanwhile, this is our summary review: on paper it’s promising to offer a unique experience, which they refer to as ‘artisanal’:

this means that the SLS resort is promoting its buffet as a place where food is higher quality and served in smaller quantities using traditional methods, created and (hopefully) supervised by Chef Luke Forzano. The stations is Mediterranean, Japanese, Seafood, Chinese and Wood-Grilled, with a dessert station promising to be fresh with in-house prepared donuts. So far the reviews are mixed, from great to ‘awful’, some bemoaning the size of the buffet, others bemoaning the lack of quality. However, for now we can warn you of the following:

It’s not a budget buffet and it’s relatively small; given the prices (scroll down), you are probably going to expect something much better; being a small buffet, every dish has to be excellent to warrant those prices. So far, the verdict is mixed; it is possible that thing will change with time, especially if people ‘vote’ with their feet (meaning, they don’t return). Given its size, I’d recommend you ask to take a look before you commit to eating there (they will let you walk around, all buffets let you do this). Moreover:

if the hours are to remain what they advertise, the SLS buffet is only open for breakfast and for dinner. This, frankly, is highly disappointing, since it ignores all those visitors who wake up too late for breakfast and yet don’t want to wait until 5pm to go to a buffet; having said this, it may be that SLS envisages catering primarily to guests of the SLS hotel (rather than those coming from other resorts), who may just manage to get out of their bedroom early enough to make it for breakfast. We still think it’s a nuisance; they could at least plan to have their SLS buffet open all day, closing it in the middle of the day only if traffic were slow. Maybe they still want us to rush to the delicious Mirage buffet (which you could walk to if you don’t mind walking) for lunch hours, or even splurge at the Wynn buffet instead (relatively nearby). Hours and Prices: 

SLS Buffet Hours and Price:

Breakfast 7:00am-12:00pm Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm.

The price is nowhere near as affordable as originally expected. Monday-Friday Breakfast 22.29 – Monday-Thursday Dinner: 36.99; Friday-Saturday Dinner 42.99; Saturday and Sunday Brunch: 39.99

Location:  the North part of the Strip, where the Sahara hotel used to be.

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