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This is part 3 of our special section dedicated to the increasingly popular myVegas game, and you can read myVegas part 1 (what it is, how it’s played and some general advice) and myVegas part 2 (tips and tricks for this game, such as ‘friending’ & possible risks).

What’s the best strategy for myVegas? The objective is to accumulate the highest number of Loyalty Points. You can have fun doing it, of course, though I would avoid getting obsessed with this game as explained in part 1 and part 2. First of all, however, don’t get lost in minute details in order to understand how to best play this game and save a few chips here and there. We are multiple players and we have concluded that, in the end, the difference between various ‘strategies’ will be negligible. However, there are some basic guidelines you could follow to avoid wasting the free chips you will receiving every day through the daily feeds, the daily spin and receiving gifts from myVegas friends; (if you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask us); these guidelines (which you will find in every ‘specialty forum’), considered to be the best strategy for myVegas, are:

1 – From level 37 to 57 (these are the levels you will achieve through your playing) don’t bet more than 200 chips per spin. There are mathematical calculations which show why; in brief, from level 30, your initial bet of 100 chips per spin will now need 22 spins to get the 10 LP; if you switch to 200 chips bet for spin from level 37, it will take 11 spins for 10 LP and not 22.

As you can infer, it will be harder and harder to accumulate loyalty points, as you go up the levels. So, if you are only after the loyalty points and do not care about the fun in the games, keeping to this strategy will maximize your time played. To be honest, some of us did and others just enjoyed the game. We have already redeemed several rewards, gone to Vegas twice on the myVegas game, and we now have about 400,000 loyalty points (LP): following this strategy, which is pretty much considered the only strategy to follow given the math behind it, will only give you a small gain in LP. It’s up to you and what you favour the most. What counts, in my opinion, is that you do not buy chips at any level for any reason, since it’s not necessary. In the previous myVegas pages we explain why.

** for the reasons highlighted above, find a game which allows you to bet only 200 and chips (such as Lucky Birds and Reel Chef) rather than games where you find out you can only spin 150, 300, 600 or 1500 (or similar).

2 – From level 58 to 139 (these are the levels you will achieve through your playing), if you want to maximize your play (to gain loyalty points, LP), though the optimal bet would still be 200 chips per spin, it would take 22 spins to gain 10 LP. Since this is very time consuming, betting 1000 chips per spin, which means you’ll be getting the same 10LP with only 6 spins, is much better time-wise. Even in this case, it’s therefore better to play a game which allows you to bet only 200 and chips (such as Lucky Birds and Reel Chef) rather than games where you find out you can only spin 150, 300, 600 or 1500 (or similar).

From level 140, betting 1000 chips per spin will take 8 spins instead of 6 to get 10 LP, unfortunately; however, betting 1000 chips is still the best strategy to maximize the accumulation of LP.

Of course you’ll probably want to play for fun too, so at times you will want to play all the other games and find out which one you like best. When you have reached higher levels (150 and beyond), it won’t make much difference whether you spin 1000 chips or 1500 chips in terms of value-per-spin. So you can have fun then! If you have well over one million chips, it may be a better strategy to play longer during days when you’ll earn double loyalty points when you level up; I know people who are very happy to bet high (say, 8000 and higher chips per spin) during those days so they can level up quickly and gain double loyalty points each time: they can gather up 16,000 LP or more in one day, so I do agree it’s a good strategy. The problem is that those double LP days are rare!

3 – if all you are after is accumulating loyalty points and nothing else, don’t waste your chips by betting high; it’s really fun to bet high and win huge amounts of chips; but you can easily lose your chips and you won’t maximize your game at all, as explained in the previous paragraphs.

4 – a tip on those endless ‘quests’ they now have on my Vegas: we noticed that lately myVegas has a quest almost every day; some of them are very hard to finish (typically those lasting several days and promising a high number of chips in the end) unless you have more than 3 million chips to start with. Although it is great fun to spin high and to finish the quests, we suspect those quests are designed to both tempt players to buy chips or to simply deplete all the chips you may have; therefore, our advice to players interested only in accumulating LP would be to keep to the strategies highlighted above regardless of the quest. A mild exception is the occasional, quick-and-easy daily quest awarding 750 LP at the end of the quest: we found those worth playing.

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