Palms Resort Vegas

Just off-Strip (more on the location further down).  We like Palms. It is certainly beautiful, with a stunning pool (you can view it on our page dedicated to the best resort pools in Vegas), a good gym, a large food court and a fantastic cinema with excellent 3D screen options. Moreover, if you don’t like to go far for a decent and affordable meal, the Palms buffet is an excellent choice. The rooms and suites at the Palms that you can enjoy range from the modern and pleasantly decorated Premier Room to a huge array of suites and penthouses for all pockets.   We have a video walk-through of this resort (see link at the bottom of this page).

In fact, I’d say Palms (and its twin building, Palms Place) is a resort you could consider if you want to stay in an extravagant Vegas suite or penthouse. I think, all in all, young guests with deeper pockets or thirty-something (to forty-something) visitors who want modern and ‘funky’ would all enjoy the Palms resort in Vegas. Having said this, its high-quality, large movie theatre (with the latest 3D screens) and its food court could make Palms resort very appealing to other groups, such as families, people staying in Vegas for an extended period of time (as we often do) or for those wanting to do more than just gamble!

Location & Other Considerations. But there are many things to consider before you go ahead and book. If you are a first-timer in Vegas and all you want to do is visit as many attractions as possible on foot, then Palms is not ideal for you: although it’s not far from mid Strip it’s still.. Not on the Strip!, Their free shuttle service to the Strip keeps changing (so phone them before you book) and, if you want to brave the walk, and it’s a less-than pleasant ‘stroll’ along a busy road leading, eventually, next to Bellagio. We actually walked from Palms to mid Strip on New Year’s Eve (when however the car traffic was halted for the occasion), and you can view our video titled New Years Eve in Vegas, where we show you the walk to the Strip from Palms.

If you plan to use taxis all the time, then it almost does not matter where you stay in Vegas, although (to save money and time) we’d recommend you stay as close to your main points of interest as possible. So, for example, if you are interested in mid Strip and are happy to ‘cab’ it, then staying at Palms becomes very appealing, given the short distances involved. If you are a solo traveler or a couple, however, taxi trips can ad up; moreover, there are taxi lines-ups to bear in mind, especially during peak times on weekends or on special ‘dates’.

Tip & Trick to save money and (maybe) time: rather than walking or using taxis, you could actually cross the road and walk to the Rio resort (it’s close); they offer free shuttles to several of their properties on the Strip (mainly Harrah’s and Bally’s/Paris) and you can use them too even if you don’t stay at the Rio resort, provided you have your Total Rewards card. You’ll end up having to walk from the shuttle stop (usually towards the back of the resort) to your destination but… It’s free and, depending on where you want to go, convenient enough.

Clubs: we have a page on the most popular Vegas clubs, many of them not too far from the Palms resort (from the nearby Voodoo Lounge to the new & popular Marquee at Cosmopolitan or the always-popular Pure at Caesar, for example, both mid Strip). However, as you probably already know, most good resorts have their own clubs and lounges; Palms has several nice ones of their own, one with amazing rooftop views.

If you are always bothered about checking out times (some resorts’ check out time is 11am, which is ridiculous for Vegas, especially if they enforce a late check in time, as some resorts do), Palms 24-hour check out offer may be something for you: so, if you check in on Friday at 7pm, you don’t have to check out until 7pm, which is absolutely great! This is what you have to do in order to ensure a 24-hour check out:

1 – you must book through the Palms website directly ( and use the check in section indicating your check in time. So, if you indicate your check in time as 4pm, you will be able to check out as late as 4pm.

2 – you must book a Superior room, a Premier room or an Ivory Suite.

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