Best Meat Buffets (and Steak) in Vegas

Best Meat Buffets in Vegas, including steak?  best meat buffetsThere are a few good choices; as you probably already know, you can find meat and steak at most if not all Vegas buffets, but quality and selection vary significantly.  The peak of choices is usually found at dinner and, in particular, on weekend dinners. However, some buffets stand out even at lunch:

1 – Bellagio as one of the Best Meat Buffets; it is a meat-eater Mecca, even if the buffet itself overall has decreased in quality.  They even used to have free-range meat (yes!), although on our last visit this did not seem to be present, or at least not labelled.  The variety of meat dishes presented, especially in the Rotisserie, BBQ and Grill sections is outstanding.  In terms of quality, well, it’s generally good though some of the many sausages they offered had, in my opinion, too much fat in them (it affected the texture in a negative way I thought); moreover, the mini sliders were a little too dry, at least during our visit.  However, overall meat lovers will love this buffet.

2 – Bacchanal as potentially one of Best Meat Buffets in Vegas because..  It seems to serve only one thing these days: meat.  From meat made-to-order meat-only tacos to sausages to its large Rotisserie, Grill and BBQ station, to meat-based pasta and other meat-based dishes, on our last visit all that we saw was meat.  What used to be a seafood bonanza now seems to have been partially replaced by more meat options (so if you are a seafood lover, there are better options, see below).  This shift seems to have affected even the Sushi section, which seems to be much less delicious than in the past.  Having said the above, Bacchanal prices are so unreasonable now that it’s difficult to recommend this buffet no matter your preferences.

Bear in mind that all the top Vegas Buffets will have a large and good range of meat dishes.  For example, Studio B, which is still the N.1 Vegas buffet, has a great range of meat, fish, seafood, Asian, Mexican options as well as… Much, much more.

3Mandalay Bay buffet.  I have never seen as many chicken dishes available as I’ve seen at this buffet.  In fact, I think they offer a ridiculously high range of chicken dishes, especially considering how limited the selection is with regards to all other categories of food (especially fish).  But, before you go, you need to read our full review of the Mandalay Bay buffet because all in all, this buffet is not that great.  Before you choose  you may want to read our Best 5 Buffets in Las Vegas overall, because some are just better all-around than the ones listed above, as well as the best seafood and best dessert buffets (see links below).

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