Sometimes reviews and opinions are so ‘cold’… So we’ve decided to add personal experiences, in detail, our ‘Vegas Trip’ stories, so to speak, so that you can decide if it’s for you or not. Below you’ll find a ‘horror story’ as well as a happy-ending story: 

We were not so knowledgeable of all Vegas ‘tricks’ to find affordable good accommodation so we were always paying extortionate weekend prices of all Strip hotels; this time we wanted to pay less yet we did not want to stay on the Strip or being very close to it; thus, our options were limited.  We walked along the semi-barren (now slowly improving) area between the Westgate and the Strip and, almost round the corner, there laid a large motel which advertised rooms for around 70 dollars (for that very expensive weekend), with no resort fees (of course, since it was no resort).  They had a large pool outside which looked decent though surrounded by cement and, above all, we were tired.  We walked into reception and asked to see a room before booking (a strongly recommended procedure anywhere in the world – most small hotels will let you do this if they have rooms available); they refused flat out and, despite the red flag, we decided to believe the old images they showed us and booked.

The moment you passed reception we were hit by the worst kept, worst cleaned place we had ever experienced.  In the elevator we faced the saddest-looking faces ever seen in Vegas: nobody was greeting anybody throughout the property, as if a silent understanding and commiseration for one another’s misery were in place, with an overall tone of condolences.

The room as tiny, badly kept and so dirty that I slept dressed and covered the pillow with some other clothes of mine.  I walked around the room with my outside shoes on (I don’t usually do this, I often bring slippers or walk bare foot) and barely used the bathroom.  I did not touch the pool nor even got into the area.  We spent the weekend outside of the motel and barely returned to sleep.  On a good note, there were no bedbugs:)

On Sunday we checked out and luckily found a small but very well kept motel even closer to the Strip, which an easily-missed sign and large clean rooms, though without pool or any real amenities.  We stayed at that new little motel one full week (!) and we recovered.  Ask us more if you want to know more; this horrific motel (I think it was called Somerset House) was destroyed relatively recently but… Beware:  there are many more horrific places to avoid!  We have a quick guide on how to avoid them (but feel free to ask us more details) on our cheap Vegas hotels on weekends page.

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  1. RObert
    RObert says:

    Got card at the wynn, played slots, then they gave us free buffet for two. Buffet as good as it gets in vegas. Stayed weekend free at monte carlo. We played there last time we were in Town and they mailed us free deals. Hit thousand dollar jackpot in venetian which basically paid for airlines and rental car. Not a bad weekend.


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