The Cromwell Hotel Review Las Vegas

Cromwell Hotel Review (Las Vegas).  The Cromwell, so perfectly located and relatively small, is always among many people’s top choices.  Cromwell Hotel ReviewBut, really, is it for you? Let’s find out if this Vegas ’boutique’ hotel meets your needs. We have written specific reviews by category (rooms, amenities, noise, view, the pool and other aspects) also highlighting the ‘potential problem areas’: see below.

It’s a new hotel and casino, small, right in the middle of mid Strip, perfectly located facing Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace, next to Flamingo and Bally’s. The Cromwell is all about partying for trendy people and trendy couples with a higher budget wanting to be in the middle of the action. If you care about sumptuous spas, huge tropical pools, comfortable, peaceful sleep, 24 hours fitness centers or large (or any) cardio rooms open late, Cromwell may not be for you. Cromwell seems to be trying to attract young chic crowds wanting to party in the middle of the action whilst being in a nicer & smaller hotel & casino with the good customer service that usually comes with a boutique hotel. Moreover, a smaller hotel & casino means less distance to walk to and from the Strip, which is convenient; however, you won’t have the beauty and soothing feeling of ‘lush’ entrances such as Bellagio or Mirage or even Wynn. Many have said you won’t have the peaceful sleep you may expect at a higher end hotel (more further down).

It used to be the Barbary Coast and then Bill’s Gambling Hall & Casino; the building is the same and the casino floor is the same, with a new carpet and a remodeled ceiling; you can still see the cute balconies from the old Barbary Coast framing the cute windows of each room. However, because Flamingo is right behind, the back rooms are going to overlook either Flamingo or a new, albeit nicely lit, wall. If you want the Strip view you may have to pay a premium, as well as if you want 2 queen beds rather than one king bed. It’s not sold out, unlike what you may read occasionally on the Internet; we still found plenty of rooms available throughout the year from $179/night midweek for a level-entry king room. That’s a steep price! More about the price further down.

Cromwell Hotel Review: Amenities and the ‘problem’ with the pool: you’ll have a trendy rooftop ‘beach club’ (Drai’s) open only until 7pm (ridiculously restricting hours – in the summer pools should be open until 9pm!), which is undoubtedly fun & exciting for some crowds, a relatively narrow pool area (albeit very trendy, as we mentioned); at night it becomes a small albeit very trendy nightclub, which is undoubtedly a great idea for the party-oriented visitors seeking a more ‘chic’ place rather than a huge dance-oriented world like the massive & famous Hakkasan (MGM Grand). The hefty resort fee of 25 dollars per night will give you 2 admissions for the day beach club; other guests will have to pay an entrance fee.

The problem for some visitors: from Thursday to Sunday, because the pool at Cromwell turns into an active beach club where everybody can purchase admission, it’s ultra packed, it’s ultra noisy and it’s more expensive if, for example, you want to book a lounger). This is why we say that Cromwell may be more suitable for those who want to party everywhere and anywhere, first and foremost.

Cromwell Hotel Review. Lack of Spa. There is no spa at the Cromwell. If a spa is important to you, our page ‘best spas in Vegas‘ may be of help.

Cromwell Hotel Review. Noise: it’s right in the middle of the Strip, literally only a few steps away, and it does not have, unlike the high-end resort Bellagio (for example) any interim area in between; moreover, it does not have many floors so you are close to the Strip from all aspects; finally, it seems that the triple glazing necessary to avoid noise from the outside (or the nightclub) is just not there. So, if you seek good sleep after an evening of fun, the Cromwell may not be for you.

Avoid the rooms facing the wall: half of the Cromwell rooms face a wall, which separates it from Flamingo just next door; so, if you want to avoid facing a wall, you will have to try and book the other side which, however, may be noisier (see above).

Strip view: it’ll be slanted unless you are right at the beginning of the building; this because the building does not directly face the Strip (except for its rooftop nightclub Drai’s, of course).

Cromwell Hotel Review. Fitness: small but new, obviously; however, it was meant to be a hotel with a 24-hour fitness center open to hotel guests; however we were told that the gym is only open until 6pm… 6pm!! Ridiculous. In any case, despite being brand new, you won’t find the world-class facilities (and the generous opening hours) of the stunning gym at Aria, for example, which is probably the best (& most beautiful) gym in Vegas for visitors. Opening hours may change, especially as they test the waters (so to speak), so if you want the gym open late, complain even before booking (in writing). One day they may listen.

Cromwell Hotel Review. Dining: Cromwell is a small place and it does not offer the dining & buffet amenities of other larger Vegas resorts.

Cromwell Hotel Review. Price & Comparisons. From around 179 dollars per night for a level-entry king room (+ resort fee); of course prices vary greatly; some people may be comped or receive special offers by email directly from the resort, others may find special deals via deal websites, whilst others may have to pay top-price. But for a base-price comparisons, I think that Wynn or Encore (or Bellagio, in the very same area) offer a better deal and a more elegant, upscale resort all around (with better amenities). With Cromwell it’s all about partying mid-Strip, about the idea of ‘being trendy’. But Cosmopolitan’s Marquee also has a stunning near-rooftop nightclub (and day club!) and so does Palms (albeit in a different location). It’s just about the location but, we think, it’s about Caesar’s Entertainment group offering something to compete with Marquee on the Strip (for example) or something to attract young crowds on a higher budget. Personally, we would not spend 179 dollars (or more!) for the Cromwell. It just does not offer the facilities, the amenities or the elegance of other similarly-priced resorts in Vegas (including the Strip), especially when you have Bellagio right there at times offering much better deals. But, because of the novelty and Drai’s, some may still want to book Cromwell. If you found this website interesting, share it, thank you:

To help you make up your mind, we have a section titles ‘Best of Vegas‘ which examines amenities and what each resort has to offer, as well as location considerations, which you may find useful. We also have a video of the Cromwell in our Real Vegas Videos section which you may wish to watch.