Younger Club/Lounges in Vegas

For pre and post clubbing fun in Vegas

Visitors in their twenties will love these lounges, where they can have fun before or after they hit the night clubs or if they just want an alternative to the usual night club scenes.

We have talked about the best Vegas lounges in general and the best Vegas lounges for 30-50 year olds; here we’ll concentrate on the younger crowds or on more affordable lounge options, or on the options for those seeking a lounge before or after spending a few hours at a Vegas nightclub.

Suprisingly for some, the V Bar at Venetian is an affordable choice for those wanting significantly cheaper-than-nightclub drinks and no cover charge. It’s recommended if you want a place to enjoy before the nightclub experience, where you can drink affordably and have a chat with your peers and like-minded people. Modern, comfortable, a small dance floor to get in the mood, a nice modern projector… An all-round pleasant experience before, say around midnight, when it gets a bit crowded.

One of the favorites amongst lively crowds of all ages is Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. This Vegas resort has come a long way from the classic elegance niche market of a few years ago; now it’s trying to lure the young and hip and this lounge may just do it, though it’s still not exclusively young by a long shot. The lounge is accessed through a private elevator; its overall atmosphere and décor will give you the impression that you have just stepped into an exotic mansion, perhaps reminiscing of the ‘good old Mandalay Bay days’; ideal for those who want to enjoy an evening out, perhaps pre-clubbing, whilst enjoying great Vegas Strip views from a 43th floor balcony!

Voodoo Lounge at Rio: here you can see the young and the mature in a very lively mix that most people truly enjoy. Prices are also affordable and the views are spectacular.

Other Vegas lounges which may not break your bank and may be suitable for younger crowds getting started before hitting the night clubs, are Mix, V, Eyecandy, Noir Bar, Parasol Down, Blush, Ghostbar, Playboy, Red Square and Downtown Cocktail room.

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