Best Regular Shows in Vegas

This is the second part of our Best Shows in Vegas section. To read the 1st part (which focuses on the major shows), click on the underlined words. On this page we focus on the ‘regular shows’: you can find great deals for these regular Vegas shows, and we talk about that in How to Find Discounted Show Tickets in Vegas.

Terry Fator: is it really that good a show?

If you followed America’s Got Talent in 2007 and fell in love with Terry Fator, then of course this Vegas show is a must-see. I know of fans who went to Vegas specifically to see this show and are still saying great things about it. They loved Terry’s songs (found them ‘captivating’ and ‘entertaining’) and loved Terry’s combination of talents (a talented ventriloquist, a talented singer and a good comedian). If you like this type of show, you will enjoy Terry Fator’s voice skills (he can truly change voices and speak without moving his lips, like a true ventriloquist, unlike some others….), which are undeniable, and his ability to establish a great report with his audience, which seems to be of all ages.

But an equally large amount of viewers have found his puppet show irritating. It repeats itself (so many puppets singing far too many duos with Terry) too much and, unless you are a puppet show fan, by the end of the show you may be either bored or irritated.  Having said this, just because it’s a puppet show it does not mean it’s a children’s show: there are many sexual innuendos, nothing heavy and no vulgarities of course, but the jokes are of course not children jokes; moreover, Terry Fator’s ‘assistant’ looks more like a model borrowed from the nearby near-nude pools than a comic show ‘assistant’.

Line ups: as with all popular Vegas shows, if you are having dinner I’d recommend you pick up your tickets beforehand: this will prevent lining up forever and will maximise your relaxation and enjoyment throughout the evening. If you want a drink before the show, beware that nearby bars are (obviously) overpriced…

Don’t worry if you are late, since the ushers will help you find your seat with a flashlight.

Seating: the theatre is small and you will have a decent view of the stage no matter where you are. I personally always like the centre front section and, if you like front seats, section 102 is excellent: if you can find discounted tickets for that section great, otherwise paying a high price for it may not be worth it.

The Jersey Boys Show

It’s the cinematic story of ‘The Four Seasons’ stars, from their humble beginnings as blue-collar kids to achieving stardom, with colourful stories of the ‘rougher’ side of life. It’s a powerful story which touches most audiences; the performances are great and the world-hit music is also captivating (let’s not forget that they are one of the best-selling bands in the world).

Though, of course, it’s music from the ‘60s and ‘70s, it appeals to most ages; the audience is usually ‘mature’, but younger crowds seem to love this show too. The only groups it’s probably not suitable for are teenagers (may not relate to the music) and children (the language can be ‘rough’ at times, especially in the recounts of ‘street’ life).

Some have said that the first half will have you glued to your seats throughout and leave you with a dramatic cliff-hanger, but that the second half of the show is not as compelling as the first half; others have questioned the high price for this show. Despite this, it is still one of the best Vegas shows, different from what’s being played pretty much everywhere else; as per ticket prices and, above all, how to find a good deal whilst ensuring a good seat, keep reading this page.

Discount tickets in advance for the Las Vegas Jersey Boys show: a trick to save money

If you are in Vegas during the week and not only for the weekend, it’s advisable to buy your tickets for a week show and stay clear of the weekend; this is not only a good idea for this Vegas show, but also for all most popular Vegas shows. I have heard, over and over, of a ‘trick’ many have adopted, with which they have managed to secure a great seat for a low price: what they have done is purchase the cheapest ticket they could find in advance and, when they arrived, with a relatively small tip (around 10 dollars) to the usher they secure seat upgrades close to the stage.

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