myVegas: Book a Room Strategy

The rules have changed a few times; however, now you can book any of the available rooms through myVegas (if you click on the rewards section after loading the game, and click on categories, then rooms, you can see the list of room offers).  Some of you will be able to redeem 3 prizes within a rolling 30 day period whilst others, depending on how many chips you have bought if any, may be able to redeem 6 or more prizes per month.  On this page we’ll explain as if you could only redeem 3 prizes per month.

If you choose to redeem 3 ‘free’ stays, as a single ‘booker’ you may have to book at different resorts (you may not be able to book 3 consecutive nights within one resort).  This is explained on the redemption ‘card’ which pops up once you have clicked on your chosen room offer; if you click ‘next’, you’ll see a new page where you are supposed to type your details; below that, you will be able to read the regulations pertaining to the particular resort you have chosen.  Many do not allow consecutive (back to back) bookings by the same person.  If this is the case, your best options is to redeem and book one night and let your traveling partner/s do the same for the other night/s.

TIP make sure, before you actually book over the phone (before you give the go-ahead over the phone), that you are sure all the nights you and your partner/s want to book are available!  Sometimes the dates seem to be available online but, when you actually phone, they are not.  Once I booked one night at Mirage and, when my traveling partner was about to book the other night, we were told it was not available:

We had therefore the problem of having only booked one night and not be able to cancel it (we’d have lost the myVegas points since, once you actually book a room, you cannot get those points back even if you can cancel the reservation).

Luckily, we phoned Mirage directly (reservation) and we were able to change dates; you may not be so lucky so I’d advise you double check the availability of the nights you want to book over the phone, before actually going ahead with any of them.

Moreover, some resorts charge a resort fee even if the room is ‘comped’ (free) through myVegas.  Some others don’t.  This seems to change all the time; during our last trip we were not charged a resort fee at all anywhere; be sure, always ask that question when you are about to book, over the phone.

Tips on Points Used vs Others Ways to Book:

when you consider booking ‘cheaper’ resorts such as Circus Circus (for example), it’s best to calculate how many myVegas points you will be using vs how much it would cost to book directly with the resort or using some website deals.  Moreover, since we’re limited to the number of rewards we can redeem & use per month, it may be wiser to use them for the more expensive resorts and book the ‘cheaper resorts’ via alternative methods.  For example, we were about to book Circus Circus via myVegas but then decided to use our rewards to book Mandalay Bay and Aria (we had a huge number of loyalty points); we booked Circus Circus directly through their website (we found a very good deal), but you could find good deals via these websites too.

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