Las Vegas Updates are posted here. las vegas updatesHello! I have just returned from a long trip in Las Vegas so I will post updates frequently now.  The Las Vegas Updates Pages are as follows (click on the title and you’ll get to the specific pages):

The most disappointing buffet in Las Vegas:  Cosmopolitan

The very best buffet in Vegas considering how cheap it is!

The updated best buffets in Vegas in 2018

Best 5 resorts in Las Vegas 2018

Best 10 Breakfasts in 2018 in Las Vegas

Vegas Buffets under $10

New Vegas Videos June 2017

Click on ‘read more’ below for links and details. Brand new video of the Planet Hollywood Buffet (lunch) and of the Aria Buffet (dinner) have been posted on this site, and the relative pages on this site (which you can easily find via the menus or using the search engine of this site) have also […]

King Crab Legs in Vegas Buffets: Where?

Which Vegas Buffets offer King Crab Legs?  Before giving you an easy list, I need to highlight that many Las Vegas buffets will offer king crab legs during special occasions, such as Friday seafood nights (but beware, because some of Vegas dirt-cheap buffets may even skip crab legs altogether and offer a variety of seafood instead). Even the […]

Las Vegas update January 2017

Hello 🙂  I hope the New Year started well for you! 🙂 New videos and pages: Bellagio Spa Tower Room Review (Video)  and Luxor Saturday Brunch Review (Video), both on the Real Vegas Videos page. New page:  Seeking a Vegas resort without Kids?  Find out on that page.

Vegas Resorts Without Kids

Vegas Resorts Without Kids.  Somebody recently wrote me this  message (I am posting it here, with my answer below, because I think it’s of shared interest): Hello.  My mom and I stayed at Harrah’s last summer. It was a nice time however it was crawling with kids everywhere running screaming. I had never seen so many! […]