King Crab Legs in Vegas Buffets: Where?

Which Vegas Buffets offer King Crab Legs?  Before giving you an easy list, I need to highlight king crab legsthat many Las Vegas buffets will offer king crab legs during special occasions, such as Friday seafood nights (but beware, because some of Vegas dirt-cheap buffets may even skip crab legs altogether and offer a variety of seafood instead). Even the more expensive, high-end buffets will not necessarily offer king crag legs on any midweek lunch; hence the lower price.

Having said this, the following Vegas buffets are where you are most likely to find king crab legs on a more regular basis:

Mirage Buffet Dinner.  I have seen King crab legs served for dinner at the buffet at Mirage.  Double check before you go, things can change fast. I have a brand new video of this buffet showing this.  If it’s no longer on the latest Vegas videos section, it’ll be in the section titled Real Vegas Videos.  If you manage to go when they serve them, it’ll be a great deal because this buffet is still relatively affordable despite its location and its quality (on a good day it can be on of the best 3 Vegas buffets, otherwise it’s definitely one of the best 10 buffets in Vegas.

The buffet at Aria.  It’s the king of seafood as far as ‘regular buffets’ go (so, not taking into consideration the ultra expensive, Sunday-only Sterling Brunch nor the additionally-priced separate seafood section of the Rio Buffet).  Aria is one of the very few buffets offering a wide range of seafood and fish options during a regular midweek lunch.  Their regular dinner has them and, of course, their special weekend seafood dinner also features them.  The rare exceptions are during theme nights when other dishes are prioritized, but it’ll be clearly advertised at the entrance of the buffet.

Bacchanal.  Love it or hate it and, even if lately it’s certainly decreased in quality while keeping the high prices, they do offer King crab legs for dinner.  Oh, but it’s so expensive…

Bellagio and Wynn.  Like most high-end buffets (even with their faults, and to know more I recommend you read our dedicated page, click on the linked words)

Studio B will has crab legs for lunch and, often (but double check) king crab legs for dinner.  During their special Friday seafood night you may even be lucky enough to find lobsters!

Rio Carnival and Seafood buffet has a special seafood section, for which you have to pay extra, where you find seafood delicacies such as octopus and – for dinner – king crab legs.

Sterling Brunch offers expensive food items extravaganza with a head-spinning price tag that will scare away many Vegas visitors.  Moreover, it’s only open on Sunday brunches!

Because things can change suddenly in Vegas buffets, I always recommend people phone the buffet directly to make sure their favorite food is served on that particular day.  I do it!

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