How to Enjoy a Vegas Spa & Save Money

I used to pay to enter a Vegas resort spa; prices have always been high but I treated the expense as a pampering experience for myself. When some Vegas resorts allowed guests to use their spa free of charge as a package with the resort fee, I loved it and made the most of it over and over.

However, this days many spas are considered a luxury amenity and guests have to ‘upgrade’ one way or another (paying the additional fee) before being allowed in. Because of this, enjoying a spa (jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, relaxation room etc) has become rather expensive in most Vegas resorts.

Thus, if you enjoy the use of a spa, you may want to pick carefully one which meets all your needs; you can refer to our ‘best spas in Vegas’ page for this purpose. However, some resorts (such as Rio and most Caesars Entertainment group resorts in Vegas) allow guests to use their spa and fitness center all day long if they purchase a treatment (such as hair styling, waxing, make-up, foot massages etc); even if treatments are always relatively expensive, you can choose one which you would purchase sooner or later anyway and enjoy the gift of using the resort’s spa and gym.

I recently did this a few times and found that, all in all, it was a good deal. The level of quality of the treatment is average, occasionally good, but I always enjoyed my free spa and gym entrance perk. Find out before you book by if your chosen resort provides free spa/gym entrance with the purchase of a treatment and, if they do, find out if they provide all you need. You may book a room or suite at the beautiful Mirage, for example, and then be disappointed by the fact that their hair styling facilities are considered separate from the spa (but, as I said, this is very common now). If you do your homework ahead of time you will truly maximize the great benefits a Vegas break can provide.

How much are you going to spend for a spa treatment in Vegas?

I would calculate a minimum of around 50 dollars (and from there on the sky is the limit, unfortunately); however, a combined spa and gym entrance ranges from 22 dollars (plus taxes) to as much as around 50 dollars, so (unless you buy a really expensive treatment) the free spa entrance perk becomes a good deal.  In some resorts, like the beautiful Aria, you can purchase a 3-day spa package, which is excellent value compared to single entries.

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