myVegas Mobile Explained & Tips

myVegas is an excellent free online game through you can earn rewards which you can then redeem for ‘free stuff’ in Vegas (and beyond, actually, since this game is ever expanding).  We go in detail about this game on our myVegas online game page (and on our best strategies page).  Here we are talking about its mobile version, explaining it and give you some tips and tricks to maximize your play vs. rewards.

  If you already play this game on Facebook, and you have downloaded the mobile app (which is free) on your mobile device, all you have left to do is synchronize the accounts; it’s really easy: the mobile version will ask you to synchronize with Facebook, so all you have to do is click on that option.  Once you see that the LP and Chips Amount are the same as on your Facebook account, then you are ready to go!

If you don’t play myVegas on Facebook, start now, follow our guide and, when you are set there, start your mobile app.  Once you have both set up, you may want to read our myVegas Facebook vs. Mobile page, for comparisons on which one gives you the best rewards.


The games are very similar to the ones on Facebook, with minor differences rendering them more suitable for mobile play; the bonuses and the way those are obtained differ somewhat, but they are equally fun to play if not more so.  Personally, I like the variety that those variations offer.  Lately the mobile app has added a progressive jackpot to some games:  you have to bet max to qualify; we don’t bother but, admittedly, they are fun and they would be even more fun to win 🙂


This element is one of the two (the other one is your chips amount, see below) which do not synchronize with your Facebook version of the game; this means that when you start your mobile app you will always start at Level 1, but the progression to higher levels is quick enough and the small variations on the games will make it entertaining enough for you to keep playing.

How to Get Free myVegas Chips

  As already mentioned, the amount of chips you have on the mobile version is independent from the one on your Facebook.  If you have money to burn you may be tempted to buy some chips; it is your choice and we have done that ourselves (especially on the Facebook version, in order to increase the amount of rewards we can claim in one month, which we explain on our rewards page).  This is how you can accumulate free chips:

1 – Through the daily spin, which shows up every 22 hours.  Although as you progress with your levels the amounts given are larger, we rarely found it to be a ‘generous’ spin.  Your multiplier is maxed out by continuing to log into the app and carrying out the daily spin; so, if you are a meticulous player, do this spin every day! The 1st multiplier is capped at 3 days, and 300%; the ‘level multiplier’ depends on your level. 2 – By clicking on the ‘bonus collect’ button on the bottom right of your screen; you can collect every 4 hours (just another way to keep you ‘stuck’ to the game :)).  The amount you can collect through this method varies according to your level.  We currently collect 4000 chips every 4 hours (well, not at night, so we usually collect 3 times a day).  If you skip a collection the amount will not increase next time you collect, you will have simply ‘lost’ the previous one.  Not very nice, but it’s probably a way to keep you engaged all the time.

3 – Leveling up.  Every time you go up a level, you are rewarded with chips; this amount increases as you progress with the levels.

4 – Missions. We talk about these below.

5 – Occasionally, you will have the option of watching a short video ad; this used to be a great way to increase your free chips, since each video ‘watch’ would give (at our level, which is mid-range) 4000 chips and we could watch as many as 4 videos a day.  However, they seem to have curbed this option lately.  Let’s hope it’s resumed soon 🙂

Loyalty Points

If you have synchronized your mobile app with your Facebook myVegas account as mentioned above, your LP will be the same.  On the mobile app you can increase your LP (which will also show on your FB version) in the following way:

1 – Your daily spin; if you are lucky on ‘hit’ on ‘Free LP’, these are usually not a lot; comparatively speaking (though it increases modestly as you progress with the levels): on the similarly rare occasions when you hit on free LP on the Facebook daily spin, the latter give much higher amounts.

2 – Playing (Spinning), of course :). As you play you will fill up the meter bar; this one takes longer than the one on FB but it releases significantly more than the 10LP given on FP; the amount you obtain increases with the levels.

3 – Missions.  More on this further down.

the myVEGAS Strip & other Maps

 Unlike the FB version, where you build up hotels on the Strip, which then will release free chips or LP at set times in the day or night (depending on when you finish building them), here you have to complete ‘challenges’.  The map is no longer that of the Strip only; here they have added new ones, such as the Downtown Map.

Journeys and Challenges on myVegas Mobile

You can view these by clicking on the ‘Journeys’ tab.  As you click on them, you can see that these are simple tasks which are either built in a specified game as you play (and automatically completed as you play) or external, such as clicking on the ‘prompt’ to collect some chips (you will easily recognize the pop up); other, more ‘difficult’ tasks stem from (for example) winning a certain number of bets in a row.  We suggest you go through the tasks in your Journeys tab (just click on the symbols) and pick the ones which are easiest first; it may be worth your while, if you are a focused on maximizing every bit of your play, familiarizing with all those challenges first.

The challenges are all made of 3 levels (bronze – the easier one and the only one which is compulsory if you wish to progress on your ‘challenge level’ – silver, and gold – the more difficult but also giving higher rewards).  If can return to lower challenges later on if you wish to obtain your silver and gold star.

You can also pay in order to skip challenges.  I would not say it’s worth it; if you want to blow some cash on this game, I would recommend you do it on the FB version or (if you absolutely want to do it on the mobile version) when the mobile version has a particularly rewarding quest (not all of them are).


We have a full section on myVegas rewards, which you can read separately.

Strategy to Maximize your myVegas Mobile Play

As we said on our comparison between the Mobile vs. Facebook apps page, the mobile version is meant for you to be able to play and to slightly increase your LP whilst you are ‘on the go’; it’s a really fun diversion from the FB one but – if you are serious about accumulating a huge amount of LP, the mobile version cannot compete with the FB one.  However (the last tip is – in our opinion, the most important, especially as you progress with your levels):

1 – Carry out your daily spin consistently so you can keep your multiplier ‘maxed’.

2 – Collect all your ‘bonus collects’; this requires starting your app frequently (in our case it’s every 4 hours).  There are ways to get notifications (alerts), so you won’t miss a single one but we don’t use it.  We just collect when we remember, a few times a day.

3 – Challenges; complete the bronze level challenges first; if you see ‘easy’ max bet challenges, that’s when you complete all 3 star levels (bronze, silver and gold).  Every time your LP meter is almost full, switch to an LP challenge, get the credits and go back to the other challenge you were playing.

Unlike the FB version, there are no significant betting strategies to optimize your LP bar.

4 – When you are at higher levels, it is always best to accumulate chips for a few days before you start playing; this way you will have enough chips to complete a generous quest (always pick and choose your quests, since some of them are very hard to finish) or go through your challenges.

Important myVegas Mobile Tip

  If you get addicted to playing and are tempted to buy chips, and think you should not because you can’t afford it or because you bought too many lately, (we all are tempted at times, especially to finish the quests), take a break; if you want to keep spinning, you can try the gorgeous free app from Williams Interactive for Facebook and for Mobile (they are the ones who create many of the most popular slots in Vegas casinos); they don’t offer any redeemable rewards like myVegas, but it’s a way to keep spinning for free, if you are addicted to doing so (though a healthy walk would probably be a better distraction 🙂 )

If you want to buy chips (in order to increase the amount of rewards you can redeem in one month, for example), always go for the higher amount (it’s better value) and don’t do it often; it’s safer if you keep an eye on your payment method and – if necessary – deactivate the automatic ‘permission’ to pay (such as on Paypal).  That way you will have to go through the extra step and you may be less inclined to buy due to a moment of ‘weakness’ 🙂

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