Paris Vegas Buffet Review + Hours & Prices

Paris Vegas Buffet Review. Located in the Mid Strip area, it used to have line ups so long that you could spot them well before you could spot the entrance to this all-you-can-eat.  Then it entered a period of dreadful decline and now it’s trying to change all of that and resume its former glory. There have been big improvements lately but… They still have some distance to go.

Some of the food you will find here will be unique, the only one of its kind for a Vegas all-you-can-eat.  Then, of course, there’s the absolutely beautiful themed environment worthy of dreams.  So, what will you find for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Paris Vegas Le Village and is it worth going?

Paris Vegas Buffet Review: its unique atmosphere.  To top your French-inspired experience, you will be pleasantly bombarded by visual stimuli provided by the old-French-village-themed decor, as our photo shows.  Paris Vegas Buffet Review

Through very creative design and decoration, when you enter this Vegas buffet you have the impression that you actually are outside, in a huge village square surrounded by village market stalls with lovely, characteristically Mediterranean outdoors tables and chairs. Each ‘stalls’ represents a typical French region such as Normandy, Burgundy and so on, the idea behind it being that you will sample the traditional dishes of each region.

The tables and chairs are not the most comfortable unless you manage to get a booth (absolutely hard to do), but you will be doing much walking around anyway from ‘region’ to ‘region’! This buffet is very popular and its lines ups (queues) are probably among the worst, which is a drawback unfortunately. Is it worth it? Not at the moment (given the ‘bad phase’), but hopefully they’ll recover and resume serving great food. Again, watch this space for updates.

Paris Vegas Buffet Review: Dishes Served

 Well, first and foremost you will enjoy flavorful (albeit heavy) mini quiche (ham, eggs and bacon savory cakes) in true French cuisine style.  They are a specialty here (in true French style) as well as a very tasty made-to-order savory crepe, a real delicacy added to the more ubiquitous made-to-order sweet crepes which are also served here.  Not the most gourmet sweet crepes you can think of, but certainly good enough.  Don’t forget to tell the server how you want your crepe (hot throughout, only warm, etc).

They have a large number of meat dishes, some of them French-farm style (honoring the resort’s theme) such as flavorful assorted pates, a large number of sausages, pork & beef casseroles, as well as more ‘traditional buffet’ options such as the omnipresent rotisserie, grilled meat & roast chicken; none of them have the ‘wow’ factor but only fussy eaters (like us) may notice.

Seafood lovers will enjoy its flavorful (albeit heavy) sauteed sole with herbs & butter and sliced tomatoes; tasty clams with sausages (to keep the French theme), relatively average mussels marinara,  cold shrimps and pre-cracked crab legs for lunch (and hot king crabs for dinner). Always double check if they serve crab legs for lunch by calling the buffet directly, since buffets can change this overnight. If you love seafood we recommend you read our page on the Best Seafood buffets in Las Vegas.

Sushi:  the usual offerings you can find at a decent buffet; not dry and quite flavorful, though if you want good Sushi (a good variety) in a buffet maybe Bacchanal and MGM (during weekends) are still offering a better alternative.

Salad bar:  3 good (albeit with non-traditional seasoning) pre-tossed salads with another section where you can make it yourself, with a decent selection of  lettuce types (not just that boring, cheap, plastic-like lettuce that even the buffet at Mirage, once famous for its gourmet-style made-to-order salads, is now dishing out) and salad toppings.

Veggie lovers will enjoy its very flavorful cooked spinach, hummus (average), grilled vegetables (not as delicious as the ones served on weekends at MGM Grand buffet since the latter uses extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil) potatoes au gratin and delicious yukon gold mash potatoes and, of course, the decent salad section.

The pasta section is ‘ok’, better than what you find at cheap buffets but not as good as what you now find at the MGM Grand buffet (only on weekends though, because on weekdays they just don’t seem to care) or as one used to find at the Mirage buffet (when it was a superb buffet, before their introduction of free alcohol).

Dinner (Paris Vegas Buffet Review). At dinner you will find a surprisingly large soup section (onion soup, the omnipresent chowder but also Cioppino (a usually delicious seafood soup in a tasty red tomato sauce, which however seems to be difficult to prepare at buffets, since we are still to find a really great one these days.

The small dessert section has no ‘wow’ factor among a mountain of macaroons and the omni present self-serve (boring) soft ice-cream (no gelato) and creme brûlées.  It’s a very disappointing section since the French croissants (and other traditional French desserts) are supposed to be served warm and soft, not dry and cold. They could solve this problem by offering a self-serve reheating tool.

Paris Vegas Buffet Review – Summary:  the Paris buffet in Vegas is no longer the outstanding buffet of years ago but, after the disappointing phase of the last 2 years, it has now improved; it is rather clear that there is now a decent attempt at maintaining quality control, something that is missing in some Vegas buffets lately.

Drawback: on ‘high traffic times’, it’s the long line-up. It can take up to one hour to be seated and, if you are fussy about where you want to seat, even longer! This because it’s actually a small buffet and the seating areas are also small.

Paris Vegas Buffet Review: Hours & Prices

 Total Rewards Non Total Rewards  Child
Breakfast Weekday
7am – 11am
$20.99 $21.99 $12.99
Breakfast Weekend
7am – 10am
$22.99 $23.99 $14.99
10am – 3pm
$29.99 $30.99 $19.99
11am – 3pm
$23.99 $24.99 $14.99
Dinner Weekday
3pm – 10pm
$29.99 $30.99 $17.99
Dinner Weekend
3pm – 11pm
$32.99 $33.99 $19.99

Buffet prices do not include tax, and are subject to change. Please check with them over the phone in case they have adopted a last-minute change

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