Best 5 Vegas Buffets & Good Affordable Ones

Best 5 Vegas Buffets: well, 10, since we are including some good affordable choices!  For real videos of these buffets, see the link at the bottom of this page. We keep an eye on this quick list (and we update it often). We are striving to keep this page up to date, since Vegas buffets are ever-changing.  We also talk about about the most expensive buffet in Vegas, Sterling Brunch, at the end of this page.  Our updated Best 5 Vegas buffets is as follows: 

  Studio B (M Resort) is huge, fun, beautiful and it covers all tastes and preferences. Very affordable too, especially for brunch/lunch during week days. If you sign up to their players card, they will send you free buffet coupons (2 or more) every month! I really love this buffet, and I really love its lunch price!  Studio B is one of the very few buffets in Vegas providing real coffee, real espresso and real cappuccino.  A delight!  Best 5 Vegas BuffetsWhat’s really important here is that this buffet has an affordable price tag for midweek lunch/brunch; for the huge range of dishes, it’s a very good deal.  Note:  they have introduced free beer… This may mean quality control may diminish in the future (it seems to happen with every buffet introducing free alcohol and that’s why lately our ‘best 5 Vegas buffets’ list has changed quite a bit);

  Aria is one of the most beautiful buffets in Vegas, with a good variety of dishes for everyone and the best seafood station for lunch! However: The quality of the dishes prepared can be outstanding or just average.  I suspect it depends on quality control or which chefs are supervising/preparing the food; on a ‘good day’ this buffet can easily be the second best buffet in Vegas; on a ‘bad day’ it slips down to one of the top 5 or 6. You may ask:  what makes a great buffet ‘slip up’? In our opinion is that real chefs need to constantly supervise food production and presentation.  Also, you must appreciate gourmet (cooked food) in order to appreciate this buffet.  The salad section is nothing special, though.

  Rio Carnival & Seafood: merging what was a specialized Seafood Buffet with the Carnival buffet, Rio surprised us on our last visit.   Usually sloppy and low on quality control, it was serving, during weekday dinner, dishes of higher-than-average quality and… Plenty of them!  There was a very good selection catering to all preferences.  There were enough seafood options on the ‘general’ buffet that, paying extra to access the seafood-only section may be redundant for some people.  It has certainly made our best 5 Vegas buffets list and we do hope it will maintain it, since every Vegas buffet eventually slips up.

  Wynn.  We like the gourmet dishes they introduced, some of them being very flavorful and well prepared healthy options for its discerning clientele.  What makes Wynn one of the best 5 Vegas buffets is only its mouth-watering dessert section: it’s truly gourmet-like; every single dessert was made to perfection and the ingredients were higher quality. We talk more about this on our Best Vegas Dessert Buffets).  Let’s hope they keep it up!

 Bacchanal It has lost its crown… On a good day Bacchanal is a good-enough, fun, beautiful-to-look at buffet and, in terms flavor, it can be stimulating.  But the variety is shrinking and, sadly, so is the quality. Moreover, the ‘seafood’ theme is often nothing more than name tag.  The once-glorious Sushi section has seriously declined. Definitely not worthy of the expensive, high-end buffet it purports to be.

 Bellagio is still a good buffet all around with traditional American dishes and a generous meat section.  However, our last lunch & dinner here were far from exciting and, in some cases, the quality of the way dishes were cooked or prepared was wanting, especially for a supposedly good quality buffet.  Seafood lovers are only advised to go for dinner because the seafood section during lunch is practically  non-existent.

You will still enjoy the spicy tuna cones and the good quality sugar-free desserts here but it’s overall a smaller buffet with far from exciting options.  The Asian section was very poorly managed during our most recent visits; the Italian section, once a bastion of Bellagio buffet, was very average at best.

 Mirage’s Cravings.  Ups and down is the recurring theme for what used to be the very best buffet in Vegas, serving high-end restaurant dishes (prepared by reach chefs in-house with love and passion).  On a good day it’s still one of the best 5 buffets in Vegas, or even the best 3; otherwise it’s just a good buffet.  If the dishes prepared with strict quality control again every day, you would find enough variety and quality to keep you happy.   I like their won-ton soup (though it could use being served at higher temperature) and their fish and chips, but the latter is now a lottery with regards to how well it’s been prepared and served.  Decent quality sparkling wine (dry, which is the better one experts say) served on weekends and of course free alcoholic drinks any time, which draws big alcohol-drinking crowds and perhaps affected the quality of the rest of the food.  Best pizza served by any Vegas buffets! 🙂

 Cosmopolitan has one of the most elegant and modern-looking seating area; some of its dishes are delicious, but it’s not large enough nor consistently delicious enough (through all the dishes) to be high rated; it has more meat than anything else; its Asian section is just not good enough either.  When they have fresh juices for breakfast, it goes up in ranking.  Good service, though!

 Paris.  A visually must-go buffet, it offers savory made-to-order crepes (as well as the sweet version) which can be delicious as well as delicately prepared quiche and a decent cooked seafood section (such as Cioppino).  The rest is average.

 MGM Grand Buffet   After an initial revamp which created a real buzz, a great selection and excellent quality dishes (especially during weekend dinners), MGM Grand has now resumed being just an average buffet, especially on weekdays.  At dinner time the selection is still desirable, but there is absolutely no quality control.   A real shame.

 Palms. Update: unfortunately this buffet is now closed for remodeling.  I was told it’d be re-opened in December!  Palms deserves this rating because it’s affordable yet by far the best of the dirt-cheap buffets in Las Vegas with regards to taste and a serious effort in variety despite it not being a large buffet. Read details on our dedicated page on Palms Buffet for updates. Note: their dessert section is tiny (they just don’t have the space) and some may not be happy with it because of it.

 Red Rock. Red Rock is worth mentioning because their buffet is very affordable yet quite varied.  However, it’s recently declined in quality (see our dedicated page for details).  However, it is a beautiful place with an overall elegant atmosphere, with very comfortable seating.

 Planet Hollywood buffet: PH used to be one of the very best; after the introduction of the 24 hour buffet pass it lost its excellence and kept declining, serving lower quality dishes and less variety; last year there seemed to be hope but it was crushed on our latest trip.  Everything was mediocre at best.  The only good aspect about this buffet was the good selection; shame about the execution.

  Note on the TI (Treasure Island) Buffet: it’s very small but it just look so beautiful… Its settings are like those of a real, beautifully decorated restaurants: very pleasant atmosphere indeed. The food is good but nothing special. They have some good ideas, but they need to serve them more gourmet-style to meet the expectations from such a beautiful dining room. Worth going if you stay at TI or if you are in the area and have a coupon or a discount.

A note on the most expensive buffet in Vegas:  Sterling Brunch.  If you are after caviar, crab legs, lobster, free champagne and steak (and more & more meat) of generally good quality (but not always, especially if you are a food connoisseur) then Sterling Brunch can be the experience of a lifetime for you.  A good number of visitors love it; but it’s all about expectations, quality vs price as well as keeping an impeccable service & atmosphere.  Since it was bought by a chain steak house, it’s hit & miss if you consider the price and if your expectations are especially high.  On absolute terms, it’s probably one of the best 5 Vegas buffets but one has to compare it to other more affordable options, especially those who offer excellent variety; it’s the most expensive buffet in Vegas (about $95 dollars per person) and you will need to eat a lot of caviar to eat your money’s worth!

If you are on a very tight budget, read our cheap but good Vegas buffets page.

Don’t be fooled! Any best 5 Vegas buffets list is ever-changing; expensive does not necessarily mean good and a budget establishment can offer delicious and good quality dishes.  It’s just a matter of finding the right ones and excluding the deceptive ones. Don’t rely on old lists or quick lists for your choices because, first of all, today’s top buffet in Vegas is tomorrow’s runner up (or even further down the list). Sometimes lists are far too simplistic to be reliable and everybody has a different taste. Other times, well, some lists are written by people who have not even eaten often at those buffets!  We all can have a one-day good experience, or a one-day bad experience at any of these buffets.  What matters is consistency; don’t hesitate to ask us before you decide, making sure you tell us what you like to eat; but we think our list of Best 5 Vegas Buffets is a reliable one for those who like a bit of everything & well made. 

Want to see for yourself?  Check our Real Vegas Videos page!

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