Vegas Shows for Children

Tip:  if you are traveling with very young children, any Vegas activity may not be suitable for them; this because of the loud noise, loud music, the line ups and the overall atmosphere which is hardly ever really suitable for very young children.  If you have older children a trip to Vegas may work out, but you need to plan carefully if you want your children to enjoy Vegas smoothly.  If, for a family outing in Vegas or just to excite your otherwise bored-of-Vegas children, you need more options besides the Circus Circus Adventure Dome (which is great, by thew way!), you may be considering a few ‘family’ shows.

The following are a list of shows for the family you could consider.  If you are still ‘stuck’, we also have a page on ‘What to do and see in Vegas for families’ which you may find useful!
A constant family show in Vegas (on the Strip) is the Excalibur Tournaments of Kings, very popular among children and families.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s seems to be a popular, affordable choice for many families.  Probably one of the most affordable popular choices.

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater.  Given that animals from this shows were found stuck in boxes backstage without any room to even move (according to – a page which also shows photos), we are not recommending this show.

Blue Man Group seems to attract and captivate children over and over.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show.  A ‘classic’, suitable for all ages.

We will write details on each of these shows in the future, but don’t hesitate to ask directly in the meantime.  Meantime, you can also read what the ‘must-see’ and ‘must-doo’ in Vegas for families with children.

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