Las Vegas Shopping Places for all Budgets

Las Vegas shopping: it can provide a great experience because it caters to all budgets.  I am always looking for bargains so I tend to spend more times where I can find discounted quality items.  The following are Vegas places where you can shop depending on your budget and preferences:

♦ For the budget minded, a great option is the the Las Vegas Outlet Center (otherwise known as the Vegas Premium Outlets South), where you an find 140 different stores and many bargains.

It’s South of the Strip (7400 Las Vegas Boulevard South), there are buses that will take you there (these days the Vegas bus system has modified its network to cover all the main shopping areas as well as the main tourist areas); closing at 10pm most days. Prices range from a handful of dollars to mid-range, but you can find great deals all the time there.

♦ Another mid-range outlet mall is the Vegas Premium Outlet North, near downtown Vegas (875 South Grand Central Parkway), and the Downtown and Strip Express bus will take you there as well as other Vegas buses. You can find good prices here too.

♦ If you want a ‘higher-end’ type of shopping area, you will enjoy the new Town Square, on 6605 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Here you will find not only higher-end stores but also great cinemas, cafes, restaurant for an overall experience.

♦ On the Strip you’ll enjoy the Fashion Show Mall, on the Strip, facing the Venetian resort, which is more or less like most city malls (perhaps slightly smaller) with small stores and large department stores, as well as a large food court area (with some higher-end restaurants on different floors).  We have a full walk-through of Fashion Show Mall on our Vegas Videos page.

♦ If you want to shop where many locals go, you could try the Boulevard Mall on Maryland Parkway, about a mile east of the Strip (3528 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas). From discount to average prices, as well as food and recreational options as in any large shopping area of any city.

♦ For high-end (from expensive to ridiculously expensive) shopping the options offered by the shopping areas of all the major resorts (Caesars, Bellagio, Venetian etc); bear in mind that, unlike the casinos, these shops follow more ‘regular’ opening hours.

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