Vegas Coupons: How to find the Best Ones

Las Vegas Coupons. On this page we list where you can find coupons, vouchers and promos for Vegas discounts and free ‘stuff’, including online coupons you print. Vegas CouponsWe’ll also give you a quick list of the best Vegas deals of the week (all the best Vegas coupons). Just scroll down through the whole page for all the details. Now, some important guide points to know: from our experience there seems to be a golden rule with regards to Vegas coupons:   the majority of coupons are merely a ‘special deal’ which has actually been in place for months or even years, which you can find almost everywhere, from local newspapers to leaflets freely distributed in the main tourist areas to online offers which anybody can find through their search engine at any time, and print out; this includes many half-price, 2 for 1 or 25 per cent off shows, restaurants, spas, buffets and so on.  However, this does not mean that they are negligible, it only means that they are not so unique, that you should not pay to have access to them and that you will find them freely if you look, in many different places, including websites. We specify which websites further down.

Important Tip on Coupons: if you decide to purchase a coupon, be aware of the current price of the buffet or restaurant you want to go to; calculate how much you are actually saving, since many ‘coupon sites’ add a fee for themselves (more about this on our special Vegas deals page).  Groupon tip: if you sign up for Groupon now and don’t do anything about it for a few days, they’ll send you a 2 for 1 (one alcoholic drink included) Vegas buffet deal. We just did it!

♥ ♥ ♥ Specifically on Vegas Coupons:  their quality and availability vary from high-traffic low-traffic times, but generally speaking:

Coupons you can find when you are already in Vegas

Some of the best coupons for ultra cheap dining are on the Vegas local newspapers; these aim at the local clientele and the deals will be amazingly cheap. Some of them will require a Vegas or Nevada residence ID but others are open to everybody who finds the voucher.

Others can be purchased via tix4tonight (on their website and through their various stands on the Strip, we talk about this on our page on how to find discounted show tickets).  However, bear in mind what we said further up about coupons for sale.

Some promotional leaflets and vouchers are distributed in front of the resorts, such as the usual buffet coupons you will be given often at the Planet Hollywood entrance, or in front of the Harrah’s resort; it really is about ‘traffic’; if a specific resort goes through ‘low traffic’, there will up the number of buffet offers, for example, in order to entice visitors to walk through their casino and hopefully, perhaps after leaving a buffet, to stop and gamble. Vegas taxis all carry booklets which, if you go through them, will offer some vouchers, although in our opinion they are not the best coupons you can find.
Some discount (or even free promotional) leaflets are distributed in front of the resort (not the top end resorts, of course), such as the usual buffet coupons you will be given often at the Planet Hollywood entrance.

Online Coupons for Vegas

A good, one-stop source for coupons is (copy and paste this on your search engine).   Another place to keep an eye on is yelp, since they often run coupon offers, like 50% off a range of Las Vegas restaurants and buffets, which is a nice money saver. It’s currently only available if you have a US-issued credit card, unfortunately; just type your chosen restaurant or buffet (or spa, etc) + yelp and you should see their review and, more importantly, their current voucher offer on that particular buffet IF they are running any offer. Like most websites, you will find more vouchers for ‘lesser-known’ places and not for the most popular buffets or restaurants. It’s a way for the ‘lesser-known’ places to be on the tourist map. But, for example, if you want a 50% off coupon for a good Indian buffet in Las Vegas, then yelp will be running offer. Another useful website for Vegas coupons is You don’t have to be a local to redeem the coupon unless specified on the page.

More Tips on Vegas Coupons:

More websites: there are other websites (besides the one mentioned above) offering coupons and some of those sites are actually completely useless; they make you go from page to page, click to click and you actually don’t find anything worth finding. However, we have found a site which is, in our opinion, a decent one for Las Vegas Coupons for absolutely everything; this is; another one is redflagdeals: they have deals for everything but they also offer a large section on Vegas deals. Then there’s vegas4locals: they have a voucher section and many of those are redeemable by everybody. By the way, let us know which website you found most useful for Vegas coupons and if you wish we will post your experiences on the best dining coupons page): we love to hear from you! Some Vegas coupons are actually for sale at some kiosk you will find along the Strip and, these days, also in the downtown area (such as tix4tonight); they sell discounted shows and coupons for buffet and other restaurant meals. We have rarely found them really useful because in order to obtain such coupons you have to pay the kiosk (or agency) a fee. However, some people have found good deals and, if you have the patience to both line up to purchase the coupons or the discounted tickets you want, you are going to find something you want for a reduced price, even taking into account that you have to pay a small fee to get it. We don’t have that much patience :). For new ways to get coupons, scroll to the end of the page.

The best coupons for the former Harrah’s group (now called the Caesar’s Entertainment Group) as mentioned on how to eat affordably in Vegas , are obtained at the check-in desk of any of their Vegas resorts. You just walk in and ask for them. It’s a booklet with several offers, including many buffet 5-dollars-off per person special, which is actually a good deal, especially for breakfast and lunch, where the prices are slashed quite nicely this way.

Coupon Books for Vegas

A popular one is the American Casino Guide. We have a page which lists all the vouchers (free or discounted promotions) you can find here, so check the list before you rush to buy it and our conclusion on whether it’s worth your purchase or not: go to our American Casino Guide Coupons Page

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Breakfasts and late-night meals for 5 dollars or less: go to cheap Vegas meals.

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