Vegas Buffets Star Ratings

Vegas Buffets Star Ratings (see list of buffets we have covered on this page below, click on the titles and you’ll read our extensive review on each buffet – we have categorized top buffets, cheapest buffets and average buffets):

Best Vegas buffets (in no particular order, as Vegas Buffets Star Ratings):

Star rating: 5: the very best; 4: excellent

Studio B Buffet at the M Resort (quality: almost 4 – selection: 5)

Aria Buffet (quality: 4.5 stars – selection: 4.5 stars) …  It has occasional ‘average’ days but when it’s good, it’s fabulous and almost gourmet.  By far the best for seafood choices (we talk about this on our page on the Best Vegas Seafood Buffet).

Rio’s Carnival & Seafood Buffet (quality 4 – selection 4 – merged with the ‘old’ Seafood Buffet, via a special section you can access paying an additional charge).  After a decline in quality, on our last visit Rio’s buffet dinner was very good in terms of how the food was cooked and prepared and, of course, in terms of variety.

The Wynn Buffet (quality: 3,5 stars – selection: 3.5 stars) A good buffet overall but my oh my… Since its ‘revamp’, it now offers mouth-watering desserts that would convert even the strictest of sugar-avoiders.

The Bellagio Buffet (quality: 3 stars – selection: 3 star) Still good but in a steady decline overall.

Vegas Buffets Star Ratings

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace (quality: 3.5 stars – selection: 2 stars) On our last visit Bacchanal offered little selection; mostly meat for lunch and meat & seafood for dinner, it has declined in quality (especially the once-great Sushi section) and in selection (we saw no salad station that could be called as such nor any vegetable dish – all that was left was gourmet-style fast food and tons of carbs).   For the extortionate price, it’s a huge disappointment.

Cravings Buffet at the Mirage (quality: 3 stars – selection: 3)

Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan (quality: 3 – selection 3 stars – but the dining area is beautiful)

MGM Grand Buffet (South Strip, Vegas) – (2 stars quality – selection: 3+) weekend dinners are by far much better than regular dinners and, of course, lunch.

The Palms Buffet (great value – quality: 3 stars – selection: 2.0) – please read important updates on this buffet on our dedicated page.

Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood (quality: 1 star – selection: 4) after the promise we saw several months ago with the new sous chef, it declined again; on our last visit the quality of most dishes was so bad that it revealed to be a waste of all that great selection they’re still offering.  What a shame.

Good Affordable Buffets in Vegas (still as Vegas Buffets Star Ratings)

in no particular order

The Red Rock buffet (off-Strip) 2 stars overall, used to be top value but declined  significantly in the last few months; still beautiful dining area – badly organized line ups)

Studio B at the M Resort: (off South Strip) Excellent Value for Money on for midweek lunch, huge selection, quality 4, selection 5

The Palms Buffet (just off Strip – quality: 3 – selection: 2.5) – it may be declining in quality and variety, so keep an eye on our top 10 Vegas buffets page, which is updated regularly

Silverton Buffet  (off Strip – 2 stars overall on a ‘good day’) – getting better especially on special ‘occasions’ a very nice place overall

Circus Circus Buffet (North Strip, quality 2 selection 3 – improved from the ‘bad days’ of the past)

Paradise Buffet and Cafe (Fremont Resort) – downtown Vegas (no star rating) – declined

The Main Street Station Buffet (downtown Vegas) (no star rating) – declining in quality & variety

The Golden Nugget Buffet (downtown Vegas) No star rating – far too small and serious decline in quality for the dishes they offer; this especially during the week.

The Orleans Buffet (off-Strip) quality 2 – variety 3

The Gold Coast buffet (just off-Strip) No Star Rating, declined in quality

The Feast Buffet at the Palace Station (just off Strip) No Star Rating, improved a little but great value for money if you are on a very tight budget

Average to Below Average Vegas Buffets (as part of our Vegas Buffets Star Ratings)

Luxor Buffet (South Strip, Vegas) – (quality: 2.5 stars, selection: 2.5 stars) improving a little with vegetarian options and several dishes catering to all tastes.

Treasure Island Buffet (quality: 2.5 – selection: 2.5 stars – beautiful dining room, some unique dishes, beautifully presented)

Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo (no star rating – hugely declined lately AND now only open for brunch on weekdays)

Bayside Buffet, Mandalay Bay (quality: 2 stars – selection 2 stars) declined in quality & variety

The Golden Nugget (downtown Vegas, no star rating, it declined lately)

Monte Carlo Buffet (Mid to South Strip, Vegas) – (quality: 2 stars – selection: 2) it may improve so keep an eye on our best 10 Vegas buffets page, we keep that page updated all the time

Flavor’s Buffet (Harrah’s) (Mid Strip Vegas) – (quality: 1.5 stars – selection 2)

Stratosphere’s Buffet (North Strip Vegas) – (quality: 2 stars – selection: 2 stars) this buffet has improved a little bit.

The Village at the Paris (quality: 2 stars – selection: 2.5 stars) it declined then it improved… fingers crossed.  Great place to visit though, visually!

The Excalibur Buffet (South Strip).  Used to be ok after its relaunch, but now it is simply below average in all aspects.

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