Cosmopolitan Buffet Wicked Spoon Review: You Won’t Believe This!

Cosmopolitan Buffet Review 2018 Update.  The absolute worst-value buffet in Las Vegas. The most pretentious buffet in Vegas with high prices but nothing to show for it.  Let’s go into details: 

Cosmopolitan Buffet Review Decor: everybody seems to agree that the décor of this Vegas buffet, being so new and modern yet somehow vaguely reminiscent of a New York hotel in the 20s and 30s (very much in the style of the whole Cosmopolitan resort), is certainly very nice. But it’s not so comfortable due to the tiny table you will be assigned if you are 1 or 2 people and the proximity of tables in general.  Moreover, the service is just non-existent and, with some servers, simply rude. cosmopolitan buffet review

Cosmopolitan Buffet Review Size: a small buffet in general with only a few stations, mostly with very little to offer.  Plenty of space between dishes so you think you have more to choose from than you actually do.  The dishes are often served on very tiny metal plates which, in turn, you’ll have to place on your own plate; this means that you will be making many trips to the stations in order to feel full! But don’t worry, there is so little to eat at this buffet, with some sections so bad and some just non existent, that the tiny plates won’t be an issue.

 Only 1.5 hours.  This is the only buffet in Vegas that I know of where you can only stay 1.5 hours.  Although there’s nothing to eat compared to most other buffets in Vegas, and certainly very little to drink, you should at least be able to sit down for a while and feel sorry for yourself.

Drinks: no self-serve drinks station and… To make matters worse, you have to PAY for sparkling water or soda (something you can find anywhere else in Vegas).  You have to beg for drinks here and I find it even more insulting than their unjustifiable price.

Pasta, pasta and more starch.  How interesting that the only dishes which are in abundance and decently cooked are the pasta dishes, since they are the cheapest to make and among the most filling.  Be wary of buffets where all you can find is pasta or greasy meat.  They want you full fast and out of the door.  Not fair treatment of customers who paid such high prices (see below).

Cosmopolitan Buffet Review  The Food. Meat lovers will like this buffet: there is an incredibly disproportionate amount of meat and meat variety vs anything else, especially fish (which very limited here) but also (to a lesser extent) vegetables. You will have to pay extra (15 dollars) for king crab legs so you may opt for the regular food. There is plenty of meat for meat lovers and a passable (though totally lacking if you consider the price) range of alternatives for those who don’t like meat.

Salads and vegetables: nothing there at all.  The pitiful attempts of green salads are odd mixes of sweet and salty kale and some old lettuce fitted in small glasses and drenched in heavy sauce stuck to the bottom of such glasses.  The juices are nothing like the freshly squeezed juices of the super affordable Palms buffet; in fact, they tasted far too sweet for freshly squeezed.  I suspect some syrup is added, or maybe just sugar.  Far too sweet to be natural in my opinion.

 Fish dishes: nothing significant except for crab legs for dinner, something you can find at any buffet in Vegas.

The deli meat section is the only good aspect of this buffet; good quality deli meats, plenty of cheese (although in big cubes so you can’t add them to your self-made sandwiches) and some breads nearby (including a toaster) to make your own sandwich, something I do each time to fill my stomach given the lack of other choices.

 Mexican food: nothing significant that I can recall.

 Asian food: basic sushi rolls and some Asian-style ribs.  Basic oxtail pho.  Nothing great, nothing good even.

Hours and Prices (Cosmopolitan Buffet Review):

Daily Brunch: Mon – Thurs, 8AM – 5PM ($28 + tax)
Weekend Brunch: Fri – Sun, 8AM – 3PM ($36 + tax)
Weekday Dinner: Mon – Thurs, 5 – 9PM ($49+ tax)
Friday & Saturday Dinner: 3 – 10PM ($42 + tax)
Sunday Dinner: 3 – 9PM ($42 + tax) double check by phone

Please note that during holiday periods prices increased significantly, making this buffet even more disappointing.

Telephone: 1 702 698 7000

Prices are subject to change without any notice so always check with the establishment by phoning them.

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