Circus Circus Hotel Review

Las Vegas (North Strip). If you are on a budget, are in Vegas with your family or wish to stay in Vegas a long time (thus saving money each night), you are probably going to consider the Circus Circus; we can tell you immediately that it’s made huge efforts to become an acceptable budget resort; they even offer more ‘luxurious’ options for those wanting a bit more. You may definitely consider this Vegas resort & casino if you are visiting with your family. Let’s see if we can help you decide if it’s for you; key parameters are:

Rate: the rate varies from 18 dollars upwards, with a low resort fee, a good main pool area (there are 2 more in the Skyrise Tower), complimentary wireless Internet in the room and free gym. You can book directly on the Circus Circus website or use the best sites dedicated to finding deals for Vegas hotels. More on these sites on this page.

Rooms: they have been remodeled and during our last visit we found them surprisingly good. If you book the ‘Manor’ you will find the cheapest, most basic types of rooms which, unless you don’t mind ‘basic’, may not be suitable for you; however, the West Tower (only marginally more expensive) already has remodeled rooms and bathrooms; the more expensive towers have even better rooms and the Skyrise Tower has 2 ‘dedicated’ pools! Despite low expectations, we had our best sleep at Circus Circus: security here is very good and smoking and late-night loud noises in non-appropriate areas are not tolerated as much as in other Vegas resorts; this means that you can get into your room and relax. If you want to make sure, you an always ask for a non-connecting room, though unfortunately, during our last stay, they did not seem to have many available. We have a recent video of the Circus Circus West Tower (remodeled) room, which you can access by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

Pools: they have a ‘main pool’ on the ground floor, outside, detached from the main hotel and near the back entrance of the whole hotel; this pool used to be pitiful but it has certainly improved; it’s large enough and, pleasantly, it has a deep end so that adults don’t have to feel as if they’re only bathing their feed (this happens far too often in Vegas resorts). Check the link to this pool video at the bottom of this page. The other 2 pools are in the Skyrise Tower, both heated, with jacuzzi and with varying degrees of depth (pleasantly).

Buffet: it’s a budget buffet on the North Strip but management have certainly made an effort to provide something for everybody. So, there’s enough variety here to satisfy most people, provided you don’t expect ‘gourmet’ quality. You can read details on this buffet, and prices, on our Circus Circus buffet review.

The Adventure Dome: simply fantastic, ideal for teenagers but also for all adults who enjoy fun parks and fun rides; they also have a large play section for younger children.

Security: one of the best, maybe because it’s family-oriented. If you call security here for any reason, from inappropriate smoking to noise to illegal activities, they come fast and they are very efficient. Unlike many other Vegas resorts, here security is taken seriously. As we already mentioned, we had our best sleep here. We wish many other Vegas resorts (including some expensive ones) followed this type of security.

Service: polite and helpful enough. We found it better than at many other basic to average Strip resorts, where sometimes you feel they simply don’t care.

Food choices: plenty of food choices here, including a deli open 24 hours! Things have definitely improved here. As per its buffet, you can read Circus Circus buffet review.

Gym: key-operated, it’s a small exercise room rather than a gym. But, they have it and it’s free or, rather included in their small resort fee, which also includes free use of wi-fi (which can be expensive in some resorts, up to 15+ dollars per day!).

Casino: it used to be rather sad, really, and very smoke-filled (poor ventilation). However, it has been remodeled and many new slot machines have been brought in. So, it’s much better now, though of course not yet like the fun & exciting Mirage casino or Venetian or the super elegant Aria casino (to name just 3 of the best casinos in Vegas); before you change page, please don’t forget to mark us if you found this page useful, thank you: