Best Time to Go to Las Vegas

Many ask when the best time to go to Las Vegas is. We’ll give you what we think is a useful answer in relation to ‘crowds’ (2nd part of this page) but also in relation to weather (1st part of this page). Of course, we need to stress that it also very much depends on what you want from your Vegas holiday.

Best time to go to Las Vegas for Weather & Heat:

if you enjoy the pools and sunbathing, winter months are not ideal because, though some Vegas higher-end pools are open year-round, many ‘budget’ resorts (especially those from Caesars Entertainment Group but others too) simply close the pools altogether and open them again in spring; I think this is excessive because even during the Christmas period Vdara, Aria, Mirage and even Monte Carlo (for example) provided a very enjoyable heated pool area. However, even those ‘good resorts’ which provide pools in winter, will not have all of their pool areas open, of course; it’s mostly a section, albeit still very nice and worth going to. Of course, in winter the weather in Vegas can be unpredictable and, at times, windy. April through to October would be the best months for sunbathers, with particular emphasis on the summer months of course. If you cannot tolerate the heat, then avoiding the core summer period is crucial, although Vegas weather is dry, which means that both heat and cold are ‘felt’ to a much lesser degree than in a location with a humid climate.

Best time to go to Las Vegas for finding the best deals:

Generally speaking, November, December (away from New Years Eve), January (outside New Years), February and March are better indicated if you are after good deals and value for money. After those months, August and around August (namely the hottest time of the year) are also good for cheaper rates and special offers. However: even within the ‘cheap’ months, any time there is a national holiday or a national event (boxing event or an equally popular sports or entertainment event) rates will increase a lot, so keep out of those events dates; you can check a Vegas event calendar or simply look for it online (I simply type ‘Vegas events calendar 2016’ on my search engine and filter out the ‘useless website’ – it’s really easy to find – or, you go directly to If you look for less crowded or cheaper periods, stay away from major conventions could be useful too; although many conventions usually render one or 2 resorts busy leaving others unaffected (for example, the beautiful Mirage resort has plenty of conventions attendances and, during those dates their rates are either higher or there simply is no availability for standard rooms), there are periods when there are multiple, large conventions in Vegas, and you may notice this when your chosen resort has higher rates or limited availability.

best time to go to Las Vegas

You can check a Vegas convention calendar (these are dynamic, so check them regularly and opt for those regularly updated); a useful website for a Vegas convention calendar is (you have to change the dates to see the list of conventions during your chosen period).  Finally, weekends are significantly more expensive (and much more crowded) than weekdays so, if you can, avoid weekends altogether. If you care about avoiding huge crowds, absolutely avoid national holidays, all weekends and, maybe, the more popular months (April, May, June). Weekends during warmer months are certainly more popular than winter weekends, so avoid those too if you are after a relatively peaceful time. If any of these links don’t work please let us know! If you found this page useful, share it!