Wynn Buffet Review Prices & Hours

The Wynn Buffet used to disappoint us, offering only visual satisfaction at a high price. However, since it’s ‘revamp’, it has improved and, in some areas, it’s probably the 2nd best if not the best buffet in Las Vegas at present.   A detailed review, with hours and prices, is below; if we were to summarize this buffet, we’d say it has something good for everyone whilst it’s not the absolute best nor the largest (for that we invite you to read our updated Best Vegas Buffets page).  The price of the Wynn buffet is not ‘budget’ but, if you compare it to the nearby Bacchanal, I’d say it’s much better value for money and it offers more variety (and these days even better quality) for all stations except for the Asian station, which is smaller and different but equally good if not better.  Now, the details:

Ambience & Atmosphere:  elegant, airy and comfortable. Not as huge and modern as Studio B nor as ‘fancy’ as Bacchanal, but its classic elegance is delightful.  Here you will find more discerning customers than – I think – anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Selection:  at dinner you will find all the major stations (seafood, meat, rotisserie, fish, American comfort food served in a gourmet-style, pasta, Asian, Mexican, Deli, soups, salads and some tasty healthy options.  The dessert section is second to none.  For midweek lunch you will not find crab legs nor oysters.

At dinner you will find oysters, Alaskan crab legs and shrimp cocktail, whilst during lunchtime this section will have smoked salmon and other appetizers.

In the Asian section you’ll find (for dinner) roasted Peking duck buns (the sauce is delicious – the overall buns are fine): it’s a unique dish (common in London-based but not here) and many will like it.  Here you’ll also find very flavorful spicy tofu and delicately prepared fried rice.  Next you’ll find made-to-order Ramen noodle soups (authentic & fresh) tough I still prefer the ones at the Rio buffet dinner. The Sushi is good enough (the rice was well prepared) but served in annoying little plates; you will not be able to pile the food on your plate but you will find yourself making many trips if you enjoy the Sushi.  In terms of quality, it’s as good as at any good Vegas buffet, but nothing special.  If you come from Vancouver BC you should bear in mind that Sushi in Vegas is not as fancy, as flavorful nor as affordable as you can find back home.  Todai used to be the one and only exception (in terms of quality) but it’s now closed; Bacchanal used to offer the 2nd best Sushi of any Vegas buffet but, lately, it has been very disappointing.

The Wynn Buffet offers a good & varied rotisserie section:  roasted turkey, BBQ beef, chicken & roasted pepper sausages (the latter were not as good as expected), sirloin steaks.

The American comfort food area offered basic food with a gourmet twist, such as BBQ meatloaf (very good), roasted herb cauliflower, roasted carrots with a gourmet sauce, but also potatoes & cheese Perogi and very delicately prepared truffle mash potatoes.

Mexican: I was not impressed at all with their Tamale (bland and meager)  but their made-to-order meat tacos were good enough (though not as exciting as at Bacchanal’s nor as delicious as the fish tacos at Aria).

Their cheese section is disappointingly average (only gouda, cheddar and mozzarella cubes): at a gourmet-inspiring buffet I expect some high-end cheeses such as at Bacchanal but also at the beautiful Cosmopolitan Wicked Spoon Buffet.

In the deli section you will find good artisan bread buns (varied and gourmet included) & nice quality spicy capicollo.  Probably among the very best deli sections I’ve seen in Vegas buffets on my last trip, if not the best. Bacchanal’s has declined in quality lately.

Soups:  chicken noodle soup (authentic and home-made style) & good quality sweet corn chowder (but no clam chowder); they were not steaming hot but warm enough.  Previously they were almost cold.

Other dishes include (some may vary according to the time of day but also midweek vs weekend): very well prepared & cooked grilled vegetable polenta, American-Italian meat balls & pasta (finally not overcooked pasta, unlike at most other buffets), a unique quail with ratatouille dish (which I could not bring myself to eat), Parmesan crusted chicken breast, seafood scampi (bland), decent cooked salmon, steamed mussels (for dinner), Portuguese Cataplana (dinner), pan seared salmon with spinach sauce & potatoes.

The pizza is delightfully thin (just as at Bellagio’s but ‘lighter’) & decent overall.

The salad section is much better than at Bacchanal’s (where it’s pitiful if not the worst in Vegas) with some really tasteful healthy options.  Some salads are dressed in gourmet fruit-based sauces (not for me, I like a more traditional salad) or are made with non-traditional ingredients, as red kale & butternut squash salad; the farro tabbouleh was good and the red & white quinoa salad was exceptionally flavorful (the best I’ve ever had, and that includes the healthy options at the great Aria buffet).  Thankfully they also have traditional salads such as the pre-tossed Caesars (bland, though) and the make-your-own option (average with basic dressings).  

I was disappointed when I saw no fruit like simple watermelon, pineapple or bananas; instead, you will find a gourmet-style mix of savory & fruit in tiny plates, which frankly traditional eaters may skip altogether; for example, watermelon was only available in tiny portions mixed with feta cheese & served in a tiny plate.

I was surprised to witness so many discerning eaters asking questions about ingredients (butter vs olive oil, for example); moreover, I saw a line up at the healthy food station by the salads, which was surprising but also a testament to some of the clientele at Wynn.

Dessert section at the Wynn buffet

I’m fussy about dessert since ‘just-sweet’ does not do it for me. Yet, I still dream of eating at the dessert section of the Wynn buffet.  It’s just the best in terms of quality (let’s hope it lasts!), although it’s not the largest in terms of variety.  But the quality of the desserts offered here is exceptional and some of its offerings are unique.  Among other delights, you will find a perfect berry & cheese cake, very nice gelato (almost on a par with Studio B) with some exotic flavors such as unique, gourmet matcha green tea gelato; pannacotta, no-sugar-added chocolate cake, delicious no-sugar-added key-lime cheese cake, no-sugar-added cherry pie, vegan mango tapioca, vegan chocolate chip cookie (vegan here means they did not use butter), made-to-order crepes (without real bananas, unfortunately), butter scotch bread pudding, delicately prepared banana sticky toffee (divine) and lava cake.  I hope they will keep this level of quality with regards to the dessert section; it’s their stronghold, it’s the reason why I will keep going to the Wynn buffet!

The coffee served here was awful: bitter and cheap-tasting.  I was disappointed with most coffee served at Vegas buffets with the exception of the authentic cappuccinos at Studio B.  We have a video review of Wynn on our Real Vegas Videos section.

Wynn Buffet Hours & Prices:

Finally they removed breaks between meals! 🙂

Breakfast: Monday to Friday: 8am to 11am – $25

Lunch: Monday to Friday: 11am to 3.30pm –  $27

Dinner: Sunday to Thursday: 3.30pm to 10pm – $43

Friday & Saturday: $50

Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 8am to 3.30pm – around $36 without champagne and around $44 with champagne

Buffet prices do not include taxes and are subject to change. Please check with them over the phone in case they have adopted a last-minute change.

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