Las Vegas Bars and Lounges

For Visitors in their Thirties, Forties and Fifties.

Besides the main bar & lounge choices, visitors in their thirties, forties and fifties looking to avoid the very young crowds have other choices, listed on this page.

I love the  variety or entertainment or even relaxation provided by this city.  This is the main reason why, several times a year, I and my friends indulge in what Las Vegas has to offer, alone or together. I love to be able to meet people from all ages, travelling solo or as a group; all the experiences you can think of from a city converged in one area; this makes it special.

The top Vegas lounge bars, the very best, provide the atmosphere and ambiance suitable for anybody seeking class, refinement, relaxation but also a ‘nice time’ lounging around with peers surrounded by beauty.  But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun (whilst avoiding a rowdy twenty-something crowd) if you are in your fifties; Las Vegas provides your mid-range clubs and lounges quite suitable for this age bracket. These are some of the popular choices:

The Voodoo Lounge at Rio. Even though you can still see ‘the very young’ enjoying a good time here, it’s usually a thirty-something (or forty-something) ‘type of place’, with a business-casual dress code for men (and pretty much what you want for women, though in theory women too are asked adhere to a business-casual dress code). There are young crowds here coming for a pre-night club experience to get themselves going and enjoy the great views and, for a reasonable cover (about 20 dollars) you can pre-spend on drink here rather than at the more expensive night clubs. It’s a dark-toned place but its audience always like this lounge. Voodoo Lounge at Rio Vegas is famous for its fantastic, romantic views from the patio. The cover charge is from 5 to 10 dollars for women and 10 to 20 for men, roughly speaking. Drinks are about 5 dollars and up, pretty much average and slightly lower than many Vegas Strip resort lounges and bars.

La Scena Lounge (Palazzo). Visitors love the music here! No cover charge in this Vegas bar/lounge though the price of drinks will make up for it (but then, don’t they always?). So, if you are careful with your drinks, you can relax and sit around whilst enjoying the live music, entirely for free! Not a bad deal for a live music evening. In case I didn’t make it clear (smile), the music here seems to be its forte; almost everybody who comes here loves the live music; it’s quite varied, from classic rock and 80’s rock to current hits, R&B and Soul, all well played, making this Vegas lounge a favourite amongst some of the mid-age crowds. Some guests stress that the cocktail bar service is far too slow to make it a pleasant experience but, if you don’t mind walking up to the bar yourself and pay some hefty prices for drinks, you will enjoy soaking up the music and the atmosphere for free. You may also witness a few ‘ladies of the night’ here (but then they’re just about in every place where there are guests from 30-something to 50-something).

Other Very Popular Vegas Bars and Lounges for the 30-to-50-year-olds:

Indigo Lounge (Bally’s Las Vegas) – It offers a bit of ‘vintage’ atmosphere and (live piano) music, peppered with R&B lounge-type acts. You will not have to pay for the cover charge, though drinks (some of which are very good signature cocktails) are expensive here.

It’s not the largest of lounges, but it aims to provide a refined setting. Later on in the night, it becomes quiet lively; those who love this lounge say that peak time is after 11pm. The clientele here is ‘mature’, say from late thirties onwards, and the atmosphere perhaps aims at reproducing the ‘good old’ days where casinos and gambling was always glamorous. This is not the ‘flashiest’ lounge in Las Vegas, but it’s loved by its niche, and it’s well above an average Las Vegas lounge. If you have time to visit a few lounges in Las Vegas, you will enjoy paying a visit to this one, if you are older than 35.

Want something different? Rum Runner on Tropicana is a local’s favorite; however, it’s also popular with Vegas visitors seeking something different from the usual Strip lounges, perhaps a ‘simpler’ place where bartenders are listening buddies, the atmosphere is friendly and the prices are affordable: you can get a good quality hand-made burger, fries and a drink for about 9 dollars. here Those who visit Rum Runner on Tropicana seem to return over and over. Its clientele is mature or families seeking a good time and a nice place on a budget.

The piano bar at the Bar in Times Square (NY NY). Another Vegas lounge for guests in their thirties and up; not a pretentious place in general, it will please those who enjoy large plasma screens playing sports or TV shows whilst a piano duet charms the clientele with well-played live music.

The downside of this place is, of course, the price of the drinks, where the cheapest is around 10 dollars. Most Vegas lounges on the Strip serve expensive drinks, so you will not be too surprised.

Other Vegas lounges where a more ‘mature’ crowd is likely to ‘hang around’ rather than pay a short visit before going to a night club, are Fontana, Napoleon’s Mix and Shadow Bar.

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