Rio All Suites Resort – Pros and Cons with Updates

Rio used to be a desirable resort; these days it’s been relegated to being a budget resort with a lot of drawbacks. It’s rooms are very large (that’s why Rio management calls them ‘suites’ because there is no separation between living room area and bedroom area); for this reason, it can be a great choice for those staying longer than 2 nights and wishing plenty of space.

Fridge. There is actually a fridge in each room and this is very useful, especially during those hot months; there are stores nearby so you can buy your own affordable water/drinks (don’t buy them at the resort unless you don’t care about money) and place them in the fridge. We wish each Vegas resort had a fridge!

Beds. The beds are definitely comfortable enough (pillow top) although they are not as ‘plush’ as some may like. As you probably already know, there are differences between the quality of various pilow-top mattresses.

Noise. Rio is one of the worst resorts in Vegas when it comes to noise travel. The rooms are mostly adjoining and we could hear everything the other guests said or did. Some rooms are worse than others (the ones with a separate entrance area are better) but generally speaking, if you like your peace and quiet, you will have to hope you have nobody next to you or around you. Many of Las Vegas resorts have not adopted the sound-proofing measures many European (if you compare the same types of hotels) hotels offer; so, if you come from Europe, unless you are staying at a one of the very best Vegas hotels (5 stars), you will be surprised at the noise.

Smoke. See at the bottom of this page.

Overall cleanliness and decor. We changed several rooms and some of them need maintenance, some repairs and (in once case) deeper cleaning. There are some minor stains on the room carpets and along the corridors. I’d say it fits the expectations of a budget hotel in North America.
Bathrooms. They are divided into a vanity area and then an actual bathroom area. This may be useful to some visitors.

Storage. Adequate and, in some rooms, better than average.
Pool area. It is pretty, large enough and with palm trees that give it a real tropical feel, although not to the extent the Mirage pool does.

Gym: small, with only 3 main TVs with pre-set channels.

The TV is flat screen but the cable feed is not High Definition; moreover, the channel selection is not great and, worse still, changing channels is extremely slow.
Internet. Workable speed in some rooms and painfully slow in others. It’s about 14 dollars per device and, if you have paid the resort fee, one device can log on free of charge (not the 2nd device).

Smoking. We found cigarette smoke in several areas, repeatedly. We were told that they have a limited amount of smoking floors (we don’t know this for a fact); however, this may explain a few aspects non-smokers will detest: they seem to allocate some smokers in non-smoking floors (there is not one floor we have been on which was not smoke-filled in at least one section at some point or another). No action was taken during our stays to ameliorate the situation; this will be very frustrating for non-smokers who cannot tolerate secondary smoke. One of the worst areas is near the fire exit; guests seem to keep smoking on the stairs (plenty of cigarette buds to prove it) and that smoke travels through a segment of the corridors. To be fair, several of the Caesars Entertainment resorts seem to have a ‘clean air’ problem throughout, though at Rio it was particularly noticeable. We never found this problem (at least not to this extent) at comparable MGM resorts (for example), with the exception of Excalibur. If you found this page useful, let it know by clicking below:

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