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Now that you know how to get great Vegas hotel deals, you will probably try to find an equally good deal for your flight. If you drive to Vegas you’ll have one of the best drive of your life, with the amazing changing landscapes from wherever you depart. But if you fly, in our experience the following websites can offer great deals (scroll further down for other air travel tips to Vegas):

If you fly from the US your options are multiple and you are going to find a great flight deal in many different ways. Sometimes your own US-based airline will email you deals or post deals on their own websites. If you fly from abroad, deals are not so great, especially if you fly from Canada (you’ll be hit by high Canadian airport taxes, unfortunately) or some European destinations (long-haul, of course, not quite so cheap, especially on the Vegas route).

I would suggest you try and, for US-based flights,; they often have great deals from any destinations, including US-based travel. At times they advertise 99 dollars return within the US, though not always and, of course, during low season. can be useful in that they go through large number of ‘discount’ airtravel websites, but I have not found a good deal there lately. It can be a starting point though, and a good comparison.  A good alternative (as already mentioned) is always; this site has become our starting point for many flights, not just to Vegas. can have a good deal from time to time, but not constantly.

Is it better to buy flights + hotel to Vegas or separately?

You can always find a great flight+hotel package; however, in our experience, the best hotel deals are found separately, as we mentioned in other pages of this site (links further down).  First of all, if you book separately, you will be able to choose the room you want; package deals are often not so flexible; secondly, several Vegas resorts offer the best bargain-based deals directly through their websites or by email, after you have signed up for their promotions (read our page on how to get comped in Vegas and on our players programs page); thirdly, Vegas-niche-websites are often the best places to find Vegas room deals; we list these sits on How to Find Cheap Rooms in Vegas.

I post a message we received from a reader which I think summarizes the answers quite well: last trip we spent 2100$ on flight and room for 7 days. This trip we are taking our 12 yea old son and flight and room is around 1500$ and it’s over Easter. I’m thinking we got a better deal this trip by doing some things I’ve picked up from your videos. I didn’t book flight and room with the airline we use. They always advertise save up to 30 percent on booking with them and you have no choice on what room you get. I called the resort and asked them what’s the difference booking my room myself or having the airline do it. The person gave me one price and said ( if we book this as a internet sale we can give you more off) so we are saving around 600$ with your help. I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into your website and your YouTube videos. They help out a lot. If I was a nice guy I’d share that 600$ with you. I am a nice guy but the wife controls the money?…..

 How to Find Online Vegas Deals