Planet Hollywood or Flamingo?

We have written pages to help you decide which Las Vegas resort is best for your and your budget. Please refer to the subtitles under our Which Vegas Hotel section, located on our 2nd menu (on the left, or at the bottom if you use a small device). Here, we’ll compare Flamingo and Planet Hollywood.

Location: Flamingo’s location is considered better in general because it’s exactly mid-Strip, which allows you to easily walk further up the Strip (to great resorts like Mirage and Venetian) or further down the Strip (to the popular City Center where Aria and Cosmopolitan are). Planet Hollywood is a little far from, say, Venetian and Mirage, if you want to walk there and back; it’s do-able and, if you are fit, it’ll take you about 30 minutes or less, whilst enjoying the visual excitement the Vegas Strip has to offer (of course if you stop to take photos or to enter the various resorts, going from P.H. to Venetian/Mirage can take a long time). However, P.H. is obviously much closer to Aria and Cosmopolitan and, if you plan to go to MGM Grand or to other South Strip resorts, P.H. is better located of course.

Rooms. Since many Flamingo rooms have been remodeled, they are now not drastically worse than PH’s rooms, although in most recent visit visit PH seemed to offer better accommodation in general. I always found Flamingo’s courtyard rooms very noisy (from the nightly ‘action’ and music); P.H. has more choice of rooms if noise is an issue for you.

Pools. Out of these 2 resorts, Flamingo probably has the better pool area (with several pools, one of them large enough), given it’s tropical feel (not as grand as the tropical pools at Mirage, but it’s in that ‘theme’). 2 of those pools can be extremely noisy, though. All pools at Flamingo can get very crowded, but the same can be said for many popular Vegas pools. However, if you plan to visit outside summer times, many Caesars Entertainment resorts in Vegas close their pools (terrible!); we therefore recommend that you phone the resort and ask them (or better, get them to email you the reply, so you have it in writing) if the pool is going to be close for the period you are interested in visiting.

Buffets. If you plan to visit the buffet of the resort you are staying, Planet Hollywood Spice Market buffet is definitely larger and significantly better than Flamingo’s (except for the fact that Flamingo’s has beautiful huge windows overlooking the habitat); unfortunately, since the introduction of the 24-hour buffet pass, even P.H. has significantly declined in quality. If you manage to sit by the Flamingo Habitat huge windows, then eating at the less-than-good Flamingo buffet can be pleasant (you can forget about the food, so to speak!).

We have compared Flamingo to other Vegas resorts you may be considering; check the subtitles of our ‘Which Vegas Hotel?’ section (see menu on the left, or at the bottom of the page if you are using a small device).

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