Best Internet in Las Vegas (in Hotels)

Internet connection is important to us wherever we go, and Vegas is no exception. We do buy cricket mobile broadband (in Vegas) for this moments where Internet is poor, extremely expensive or.. only offered to one party, but I hope that this section will help you decide where to stay and where to log online.

One word about Cricket Mobile Broadband: it’s fine, it will not offer ultra fast speeds nor will it give you unlimited GB’s, but you can buy an affordable package (around 30 dollars for one month usage + connection fee or the device itself, unless you buy it used) and use it without problems. It’s been very useful to us and it’ll be useful to you if you rely on constant Internet connection. But what about Internet in the actual Vegas hotels?

So far the good are offered at several Vegas resorts such as by Caesar’s hotels (see further down) and most off-Strip resorts; I was uploading my own videos and taking care of my regular email without any problems and, indeed, the speed was as good as I could ever have hoped for (this was at Flamingo, using their wireless connection); on the other hand, Caesar’s Entertainment place restrictions on the number of devices one can use.  More importantly, they have now introduced a ‘basic’ free option and a ‘faster’ Internet option for a charge:  this is infuriating:  why are we paying the resort fee?

Once we would have had to pay for Internet connection of any kind at Caesar’s hotels, but then they decided that it’d be better to charge a resort fee (like many other resorts) and offer these services (Internet, gym, local calls) as complimentary.  However: you can only use one laptop at Caesar’s hotels; if you hook up another laptop you have to pay the full Internet connection price for the 2nd one. Outrageous! And, the connection seems to be intermittent 30+ minutes before checking time, not very nice…

But: the MGM group offers complimentary Internet service (with their resort fee) to ANY laptop connected in the room! However, at Flamingo I did experience the ‘ultra fast speed’ they were promising, so if you are only using one laptop per room and you care about fast Internet, Flamingo and (possibly, but ask by phone to be sure) other Caesar’s Entertainment Vegas hotels may be for you (if you don’t mind the points we made on our pages on these hotels, which you can here).

If you are looking for free Internet in Vegas (wireless), in the tourist areas you will not find as many as you may wish, but you can read our page titled free wireless Internet in Vegas about it.