Harrah’s Buffet Vegas: Review, Hours & Prices

Harrah’s buffet review; hours and prices further down. Many of you have written asking us about this buffet.  Its relative popularity is certainly due to the 24-hour buffet pass, where you are going to have to choose 3 (or, if you can be really clever, 4 buffets from the Harrah’s Group in Vegas.  Clearly, once you remove the super expensive Bacchanal buffet (for which you have to pay extra even if you have the 24 hour buffet pass) all buffets belonging to Caesar’s Entertainment in Vegas are similar in quality in one way or the other, even if they are different in dish choices, so Harrah’s buffet may well feature among your choices.

We used to go to Flavors only when we had their 5-dollars-off coupons and we usually went for breakfast rolling over onto lunch: this way we ate at an affordable price and relatively well (nothing special, just an average buffet and relatively small too).  These days on low traffic times they stopped serving lunch, at a huge inconvenience to all of us wanting to eat later in the day without waiting for dinner.

Would we go to Harrah’s buffet without any coupon or special deal? Probably not. Among the Caesars Entertainment Group buffets, if we consider the same price range, the Rio buffet is probably better, at least in terms of range of dishes (even though their quality, which used to be very good, has faded somewhat lately). However, if you are pressed for time and wish to stay in the area, this buffet is another decent average Vegas buffet. If you don’t have to eat at the Caesars Entertainment buffets, then I’d cross the road and eat at the Mirage buffet any day, for a comparable price.

What you can find at Flavors (Harrah’s buffet)

This Vegas buffet is average though decent, offering a respectable (but not huge) range of dishes of average flavor.

Salad: sometimes (if you are lucky) they offer some gourmet salad dishes (such as the expensive and healthy artichokes and/or sun-dried tomatoes); usually, it’s run-of-the-mill with average salad condiments. At times they offer olive oil, other times it’s really average condiments only. Their lettuce is usually iceberg, but at times I have seen more expensive types.

Breakfast bacon and sausages: many love this section; it’s certainly better than at other low to average buffets but it’s really nothing to shout about if you have been at the Bellagio Buffet, for example.

BBQ chicken (quite popular) and Brazilian BBQ, prime ribs, some nicely cooked (but few) vegetables, wood-oven-prepared pizza (which is a rarity but of course which Bellagio excels at) average quality sushi (as in all other Vegas buffets except for at Todai’s), average quality Asian section (made-to-order won-ton is however available here, though in our opinion it’s not as good as at Craving’s just across the street, and traditional South-Western (American) dishes. At dinner you will find the ubiquitous crab legs and seafood station.

The dessert section is small and average though they offer home-made sorbet (low-fat ice-cream), gelato (healthy ice-cream which is low-fat but also low in sugar) and traditional ice-cream (full fat). Nothing like at the M buffet or at the Aria buffet, of course.

All in all, they do try but the taste of the dishes is, generally speaking, mediocre. So, if you have a coupon go ahead and enjoy this buffet; if not, you may want to check other buffets. It used to be a good affordable little buffet but these days, with their price increase, I would not rush to eat here unless I had at last a 5-dollars-off coupon, as explained in the special buffet deals page.

Location:  Mid-towards-North Strip; 3475 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Hours and Prices of the Harrah’s Buffet in Vegas:

Breakfast 7:00am to 11:00am $18+tax
Dinner 4:30pm to 10:00pm $30+tax
Friday, Sat & Sun open from 7am to 10pm from around 30+ dollars.

Weekend brunch $25 + tax

Ouch! Monday to Friday they are closed for lunch!  At least during low season (I suspect things will change again during high season, provided the demand is there and… loud). That’s simply terrible, so you are forced to either have a large breakfast or an expensive dinner.  Not a good thing for those holding the 24-hour buffet pass.  Maybe the pass is reaching its end…

The above prices are with a Total Rewards players card (which you can sign up for free of charge), otherwise it’s around one dollar more.

As with all other buffets or restaurants in Vegas, prices can change suddenly so check with them by phone: (702) 369-5000. We endeavor to keep up-to-date but sudden changes may not be ‘registered’ immediately.

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