Best Vegas Hotel Deals: Where and Which

Best Vegas Hotel Deals
If you are a first-timer, your best bet to finding a good hotel deal is probably through one of the websites highlighted on our page ‘which websites offer the best Vegas deals‘.   It is always worth exploring your chosen resort’s direct website, but the best direct deals for first-timers are mostly going to be offered by off-Strip resorts or budget resorts; some of those resorts or hotels offer excellent value for money, as well as good or at the very least decent accommodation.  We have a page on these good value Vegas resorts.

If, on the other hand, you have stayed in Vegas before at any of the Caesars Resorts, on low seasons this group arguably offers the best Vegas hotel deals, from totally ‘comped’ rooms ( = free) to large discounts.  I would therefore recommend that, first of all, you log into Total Rewards (you will need your Total Rewards ID number and the password you’ve used, or just reset the password if you can’t remember); if you click on the top left (where it read ‘Caesars’), you’ll find the booking page (just fill it in with your chosen dates after selecting the ‘Vegas destinations’ option) and, once the page opens up, choose the ‘view calendar’ option: you will see a new page open up, which will show you your best offer for the various Vegas resorts (incidentally, you can do that for other Caesars Entertainment properties all over the US). It covers one full month and you can choose the start date (see the options near the top of the page): when I do this I see a full list of ‘comp’ offers (which means the rooms are free and all you have to do is pay the resort fee, which is relatively low with Caesars properties compared to the MGM Vegas properties), but you will see your best offers.

The resorts vary in location, quality and service, so choose the one best for you (you can read our page on which Vegas hotel to choose but you can also ask us for our opinion-experience). I would – at the moment – definitely start booking my trip this way, because you can save a large amount of money by using these offers. For example, we just booked the next 2 months (booked almost one week per several Caesars Entertainment resorts – all ‘comped’, i.e. no room charge – and mixed it with some MGM resorts, more on the latter in my next segment on this page). One of the really good aspects of this Caesars Group offer is that you can book several nights with each resort, rather than being limited to 2 comped (free) nights only; in this aspect Caesars Entertainment offers are much, much better than the MGM Group offers and still, if you secure Caesar’s Palace at least, among the very best Vegas Hotel deals you can find.

Currently some of the above offers come with 50 dollars dining credit and you can ask reservation to add that to your ‘comp’ offer, provided you have the ‘dining credit booster’ offer in your Total Rewards account.

If you have an M Life account you can check your offers with the MGM Group online.  Several of their resorts are arguably in a better ‘class’ therefore, theoretically, getting free nights with some resort credit could be considered among the best Vegas hotel deals you can find.  However, you’ll probably be limited to 2 ‘comped’ (+ high resort fees) nights stay if you are lucky (unlike at Caesar’s Entertainment) and, as you probably already know, changing hotels cuts into your fun or relaxing time; these days they are offering very generous resort credits (but read our page on Vegas resort credit before you book), which could make those shamefully limiting comp offers a bit more appealing.  Having said that, you will now have to pay parking fees at any of their resorts (click on the underlined words to read our page on it) and, at times, you may only be offered 1 free night with one booked night (plus resort credit or free buffets or one free show or discounted shows).  If if you gambled a little more than the average ‘conservative’ person, you are more likely to be offered 2 free nights + resort fee; rumors circulate that some MGM/M Life players cards were ‘demoted’ in the recent past, allegedly because those users had not played much in the months up to the demotion (a definite mistake in our opinion – dis-incentivizing people from coming back to their properties).

If you don’t have an M Life account I don’t think you’ll ever get any offers even if you sign up now; our experience is that you’ll have to play at their casino (significantly) before receiving decent offers, or before your M Life account shows your offers. So, if you don’t have an ‘active’ M Life account and you want to stay at MGM resorts in Vegas, you can visit a variety of ‘Best Vegas Deals websites‘ (which we have listed on that page); at the same time, if your chosen Vegas trip dates are at least one full month ahead (better if 3 or more months ahead), you can sign up with myVegas to redeem ‘free’ rooms and ‘free’ buffets with MGM Resorts: if you play it out correctly and strategize a bit, you can use myVegas to get the best Vegas hotel deals; however, they are changing the rules fast so watch out for what could potentially be a waste of time: for full details on how this works, visit our page on myVegas deals guide.