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Seeking cheap drinks in Vegas or even free drinks?  This page lists the various options you have.

You need to find your way through the first wall you will meet where alcoholic drinks are marked up and, if you don’t watch it, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars a day in drinks.  The Strip is especially bad for this but, no matter where you go, beverages are one of the ‘sure’ ways, in which resorts, lounges and clubs increase their profit, given the high demand.  However, there are some places where your wallet won’t be raided, so:  

Where can you find cheap drinks in Vegas?

 If you don’t want to be so ‘cheap’ as to buy a bottle of alcoholic drink, poor the content in a soda bottle and carry it with you, the best tourist area overall for cheap drinks in Vegas is Fremont Street (downtown). You can get there via the Ace bus (slick, modern, air-conditioned and fast), which stops at several places along the Strip (check for the bus stop signs along the Strip) or the much slower, much more uncomfortable Deuce bus (on the plus side, this bus operates 24 hours, something we are all grateful for!)

One Dollar Drinks

Among various options, the Fremont casino has been known for offering Margaritas for only one dollar, whilst Coronas and Heineken beers will only cost you two dollars each. Just nearby, Golden Gate serves mixed drinks (cocktails with alcohol) for only 2 dollars. You will not find these deals anywhere on the Vegas Strip, unfortunately, unless you gamble at their casinos and order 4 drinks at a time every time the waitress comes (and even then, it’ll cost you in tips, which are expected to be at least one dollar per drink).  

The D hotel often offers 1.25 (plus taxes) Gin and Vodka shots and in most areas along Fremont street you can find beers for 2 dollars!  Of course, it varies depending on how badly they have to attract customers (this is a general ‘rule’ for every establishment).

Free drinks and ultra cheap drinks in Vegas

Most visitors seem to agree that the casino ‘free’ drinks (offered whilst you are gambling) are watered down significantly; they also seem to always come with plenty of ice and in very small glasses, to make matters worse. However, some have suggested that the Aria casino has the best quality of such drinks (namely, their drinks have more alcohol in them than those by other casino Strip establishments).

 If you have bought a package deal with a resort, you will probably receive some welcome drinks or some vouchers for free drinks in that resort. At the same time, you can find Vegas coupons for drinks. Are they worth it? Some of them are, but you should do your math before venturing out to the best drinks deal in Vegas and, above all, make sure you read the fine print of each coupon in order not to be disappointed when you present it.

Note for the Ladies: on low traffic times, you can enjoy a free open bar go at Revolution Lounge (Mirage Resort & Casino) on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm to midnight.  Always double check with the establishments since these promotions can change at anytime.

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