Cheap Places to Eat in Vegas

Cheap Places to Eat in Vegas: the following are the best places/ways to eat at affordable prices, including cheap yet great steaks and BBQ (further down).

  1. Locals’ hubs.  If you just want to walk into a place that is reasonably or cheaply priced, the best options are the establishments which the locals go to.  Some of these are dreadful but others are excellent.

The Cracked Egg is definitely one of the local’s favorites, both for its affordability and its traditional breakfast choices as well as a huge range of options, including gluten free and vegan.  On their website they have a detailed menu; it’s easy to find using your search engine.  They have 5 locations in Vegas.

One of the buffets that locals favour (it’s very affordable, the largest in town in terms of selection, and good quality) is Studio B at the M Resort; however, they are now offering only brunch and dinner, though it’s a real must-go.    It is far from the main Strip area, though, about a 30 dollars taxi ride (so there must be at least 4 of you to make it worthwhile); they have some infrequent shuttles to and from the Tropicana resort.

BBQ & Steakhouse which are cheap places to eat in Vegas

Another locals’ favorite is Ellis Island, a small but very lively casino, walking distance from Bally’s on 4178 Koval Lane, just off East Flamingo Rd.

Their BBQ is very popular (very!) and so is their steak, mostly because, for the price, quality is not compromised.  They have several restaurants and food take-outs, all very good and very popular (and affordable).  Their Brewery is a meat-lover paradise; prices range from around 6 to 14 dollars (plus taxes) but the size of the plate is generous (if you come from Europe or Canada, you will love the size!), easily shared between two people.  One of the cheapest food ‘outlet’ is the Boardhouse, where you can eat an all-day breakfast for 2 dollars!  Their 6-inch sandwiches are delicious, generous and only cost around 3 dollars! Good quality, very friendly service, excellent prices.

The casino (Ellis Island Casino) is smoke-filled, but it’s also filled with cheerful locals having a great time.  It’s nothing fancy all-around but it’s not seedy and it has tons of character; its location is good in that it’s close to Bally’s (ten minutes walking from there) but outside the surrounding area is a bit dirty; however, once you enter Ellis Island, you will feel happy and merry, like all the locals there.  A must-go if you are on a tight budget and want something good, all day breakfast or if you want to soak up a different atmosphere from that on the Strip.

 More cheap places to eat in Vegas:

  1. Buffets. Please check our top 10 Vegas buffets list which includes affordable ones for updates on quality.  In short, Red Rock, Palms, Palace Station are decent options and, if you go on a ‘good day’, you’ll be thrilled, but please refer to the top 10 Vegas buffets for updates as well as the dedicated pages on those buffets.
  1. Food Court at the Fashion Mall facing the Venetian. If you only want to spend 5 dollars over the weekend, when all buffets are slightly more expensive (though the cheap places to eat in Vegas which we mentioned further up are still a fabulous deal), have a foot-long sub (great quality) or a wrap, both 5 dollars each.
  2. 2-for-1 specials (as well as half-price specials) you can get pretty much anywhere either when you check in at your resort or just through flyers in cabs, printed on local newspapers (always worth going through every day) or hand-distributed on the Strip. Always double check that you don’t end up spending more than ten dollars per person in total.   Some ways to obtain these offers are listed on how to get free stuff in Vegas.

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