Bottle Service in Vegas clubs: Tips

If you want a great time in a Las Vegas club, you are probably considering buying bottle service. Before you take the ‘plunge’, this is what you need to know:

What’s bottle service?

It’s basically a fixed price, or a set of fixed prices (more or less) which allows you (and your group of friends) to have your dedicated VIP table (often a very fancy set of comfortable couch-type seats around a table, high-end style, especially if you go to the ‘high-end’ clubs), your dedicated host (cocktail server), ‘free’ VIP entry to the club with a dedicated host, unlimited mixers (of a ‘general’ kind).

What are the price ranges of Vegas bottle service? It varies greatly, depending on whether you book a ‘slow night’ (mid-week, away from weekends or any holidays or special events) or a ‘peak night’, and it also depends (of course) on which club you go to. To give you a very general idea, you can spend 500 dollars per liquor bottle up to about 800… It can be even more for champagne. And, of course, if it’s a ‘hot’ celebrity night in a particularly popular club, the sky is the limit (literally) as far as costs are concerned. Of course, you share the cost as a group, but the catch is that many clubs have a minimum set of bottles you have to order (such as one bottle every 3 people or 2 bottles per table no matter how small the number of guests is).

When you do the math, perhaps it’s a good idea to think on whether your group will drink the ‘free mixers’, or rather how many of those your group will drink (if you go to the club as a regular guests you will pay 10 to 15 dollars per drink of this kind anyway). Don’t forget, however, to add add on sales tax, service charge and a hefty tip for the server and host!

Thus, bottle service is expensive. But you buy the experience of living large as a VIP guest in a dedicated, fancy spot in a hot Vegas club; you will certainly skip the line ups and, some say, if you are a group of guys it may make you ‘look more interesting’ in the eyes of some girls (I cannot say if it’s true or not… it’s just a cliche, perhaps!)

How to Reserve a Bottle Service Table in a Vegas Club?

You can do this through a reputable VIP hosts (do your research, verify any source of recommendations you read or hear).  It’s obviously cheaper during low traffic nights, when some clubs may even carry special promotions to attract visitors; of course, popular DJs, celebrity guests, special events and holidays will mean a spike in prices and bottle minimums.  The location of the table will often affect its price.

Bottle Service offers a real VIP experience, with NO line-ups at the entrance.  You are advised to reserve your table in well advance.

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