VIP Service & Passes in Vegas

VIP Club Service In Las Vegas:  Buyer Beware

Free VIP passes for Vegas nightclubs are easily obtained.  The easiest thing to do, for example if you want to get into LAX at the Luxor (which is a very popular club these days, especially for younger crowds), is to walk around the reception/concierge, exit and entrance areas.

You will be accosted by several people, for example timeshare reps (you can always get a few freebies from them if you chat them up cleverly, as explained on this page), but also from clubs reps giving out free VIP passes.

It happens all the time to us (in almost every resort we are staying as long as they have a club) especially on those ‘slower’ nights, such as week nights.  If you expect a free VIP pass on a busy Saturday night you may be disappointed, although it is always worth asking by calling the club directly and asking for free passes.  We have a few available we picked up and you can always contact us about it via our blog or our contact page.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t be fooled by those trying to sell you free VIP passes, since they are not supposed to be sold but given for free.   More advice on this is on the page How to Get VIP Club Passes in Vegas

VIP Services Maybe you’re organizing a bachelor party in Las Vegas, or a special celebration of some sort, and you want to experience the very best Las Vegas at night has to offer:

an all-around VIP club service. You want to be picked up in style, enjoy your limo ride, go to great clubs, sit at great tables, enjoy a fantastic atmosphere and living a night as if you were a celebrity: you want to experience Las Vegas as a VIP guest. Why not? Vegas was created to make anybody feel like a celebrity, at least once or twice.

So you look around, do your search, and you find a few names; but it’s not all it seems: you may end up being very disappointed and out of cash (or maxed out on your credit card).

The VIP host mistake. You may not be aware but every other person in their 20s in Vegas thinks they are, somehow, a ‘qualified’ VIP host, only because they have a friend of a friend who works at some club: they think they are ‘club insiders’ and they think they have something to offer, whilst in fact they have nothing more than what you could do for yourself. These VIP ‘hosts’ come and go, and Vegas visitors, or wannabe club guests, are misled quite often, or simply end up with a night which was nothing like what they had expected.

This mistake can cost you a bit of money: you end up sitting at a bad table and, when you complain or enquire, you are told you can ‘upgrade’ to a better spot… For a price. Not quite what you had expected, right? At some point it was so bad that many ‘good’ clubs stopped using the services of ‘independent hosts’.

So, vet your hosts, find how if they are mentioned by the club you are interested in, find out by contacting the club/s directly if they actually work and recommend these club host companies. If they don’t know them or can’t recommend them, move on to the next name. If you are unsure and are desperately seeking a VIP package for a Vegas club, it may be best to buy them from, which is reputable.

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