Freebies from Timeshare Presentations

These days there are many timeshares stands in many Vegas resorts offering free shows, free meals, free stays and free everything and all you have to do is go to one of their presentations: is it really as good as it sounds? This page tells you what’s going on from people who have been to these Vegas timeshare presentations and also received their free offers.

Before going on, I have to point out that, even recently, we have noticed and been told by several visitors that some these reps are becoming less ‘aggressive’ and less intrusive; some visitors have been given several 2 for 1 buffet coupons after a short chat on the kiosk and even without attending the presentation at all.

Persistence on your part (and finding a rep in a generous good mood) is key. Can you really wine, dine and see great shows for free in Las Vegas? Yes you can. On this page we’ll talk about how you can do this by attending time-share events, presentations and sales rooms. Is it really as good as it all sounds? Let’s find out.

So, what is it? In many resorts, except for the top-quality ones of course (where they would not have their customers being ‘harassed’ by any timeshare marketing group) you will find groups selling time shares. At the worst resorts they actually ‘hunt you down’; they are on the lookout for people who are checking in and immediately they try and engage them by asking hard-to-ignore questions; those visitors who have never experienced it before will probably believe that it’s part of a welcome group by the resort, only to find out, a long time later on, that they are actually timeshare sales reps.

On a side note, these days, if we don’t want to use their free offers (at least not at that very moment), to the question they always ask, namely ‘are you checking in?’, we answer ‘no, we work here’, or to their question “where are you from?” we reply ‘we’re aliens’, so that it’s clear that we are not into wasting any time at that moment. Don’t be discouraged by our ‘side-note’: you can get great deals but, if you are in Vegas, you need to do learn to do get anything you want when you want it and on your own terms. Otherwise you’ll be strung along by this and the other group trying to sell you something, since in Vegas everybody is always trying to sell you something, even if it part of it is ‘free’.

Let’s get back to those timeshare stands and the free stuff they give away. These days they’re getting desperate so they are now offering you free stuff in order to get you into their sales rooms or sales presentations: they will offer you free tickets to shows (not the very top-rated ones of course), free meals, free buffets and occasionally even free stays. The offer is real (read more on this) but it is always accompanied by very heavy sales techniques that are very hard to get away from, unless you are tough and remind yourself that you don’t wan to buy: even my partner was about to sign and I had to use all my strength to drag him out of there.

However, be very careful when you approach these stands (or when they approach you): the first thing you must do is to find out (and sometimes they will try and be vague about it) what exactly they are offering. Make sure you get that offer before you commit yourself to 2 or 3 hours of heavy selling. They won’t like you for asking too many questions about the ‘free stuff’ but remember, they are desperate, so as long as you pretend that you may be interested in what they’re selling, they’ll go along with it.

There are better ways to get free stuff in Vegas without being subjected to such heavy techniques. However, I have met some ‘professionals’ who have made it their ‘mantra’ to get freebies from timeshare groups, almost every day, without signing on any commitment to buy, not even for one cent. They are the tough ones, and before you embark on this experience make sure you become ‘tough’ too.

I used to work in Sales & Marketing so I know all the techniques available to make it very hard for anybody to say ‘no’. This means that I am completely immune to sales-reps’ tactics, including the timeshare ones; obviously most people don’t know those techniques so it’s hard for them to get away. Remember that these people selling timeshare have done their math and they know that for every X amount of freebies they give away there will be enough ‘signers’ to make it all worth their while. So, make sure you ‘toughen up’ before you go to any sales presentation or sales tour. My own father, who is a senior, was ‘taken in’ (of course I wasn’t present!) and ended up signing for thousands and thousands of dollars for something he’ll hardly ever use.

By the way, if you are tempted to buy timeshare in Vegas, the answer is ‘don’t’. This because:

1 – there are great deals out there without buying into timeshares
2 – you don’t have to bother with timeshare because you can practically stay free in Vegas, at good resorts, these days (or any time, really).

If you are interested in other areas outside of Vegas then you still need to consider if a timeshare is really what you need. My advice to you, before you go into any of those timeshare heavy selling rooms, is that you read as much as you can about the cons of a time share (since they’ll tell you about the pros – even the ‘not-so-great’ pros the second you arrive).

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