Treasure Island or Mirage? Room & Amenities Comparisons and Review

Treasure Island or Mirage?  Both Las Vegas resorts offer a lot to enjoy. Which one is best for your needs?  Real objective review of both resorts here:

Both of these 2 Vegas resorts are good overall, so if you find a great deal with one of these two, you should go ahead and book it without worrying too much about the other option. However, between Treasure Island or Mirage, thTreasure Island or Mirageere are differences so, if you found similar rates (their resort fee is also similar, namely ridiculously high), you may need to focus on what you value most.

Standard Guest Rooms comparison (Treasure Island or Mirage ?): Mirage’s are definitely larger than the ones at Treasure Island, though the rooms at Mirage have particularly small bathrooms (though really nice with high-end bath accessories).

I found windows at Treasure Island to be a bit too small for my personal taste, to the point that I feel a bit claustrophobic, whilst Mirage’s are wide, almost the whole of one wall (though starting from mid-height).  However, during our latest stay, the standard room at Treasure Island was overall (clean and decently appointed, not tired or worn out) and…It had a fridge!  The only serious drawback was the very small wardrobe space.

The ergonomic chair at Mirage makes sitting by its modern desk a real treat, though you can’t watch TV from the desk due to the angle, unfortunately. Mirage also has a large Plasma (TV) screen. However, Mirage’s lack of foyer area makes each Standard room really noisy (you can hear the noise from the corridors as if you were outside). Having said the above, if all you care is a nicely decorated room with a good, comfortable bed, then Treasure Island provides a very adequate option.

Treasure Island or Mirage?  Maybe it’s a Stay Well difference! On our latest stay Mirage’s standard rooms were all very tired.  Some smelt badly, to the point that we had to ask for a room change twice and luckily we ended up being upgraded to the lovely Stay Well Room (soon we’ll post our video review on it).  This room has fabulous features such as aromatherapy, light therapy, a proper air filtering system (which extends to the whole floor as well!), shower infusion therapy and a fabulous memory foam mattress, good for all requirements (not too hard and not too soft).  We loved it.  There are not many of those and the upgrade ranges from 30 dollars and up, but it may be worth asking for it on low traffic times upon check in.

Pool Area (Treasure Island or Mirage). Treasure Island has a very nice (albeit small) pool and jacuzzi area, with several trees and several spots where you can ‘tuck yourself away’ from the crowds, if you like. Mirage has a much larger pool area with a beautiful waterfall, but it’s really crowded and you certainly will not relax here. You can see photos of this pool on Best Vegas Pools.  A word of warning:  during our latest stay (low traffic time) the pool at TI was completely closed (but the resort fee was the same, shamefully).

Gym.  I much prefer the gym at Mirage (better equipment and better choices), though it’s not as large as the stunning ones at Caesar’s or Aria’s, though its opening hours are ridiculously limited.  TI’s gym is more modest, though adequate.

 Buffets. Both of these Vegas resorts have good buffets, with Mirage perhaps taking the crown for its freshness of ingredients and variety of all, equally excellent meals; Treasure Island’s is much smaller but truly beautiful to look at. You can read Treasure Island Buffet (with photos) and Mirage Buffet for details. They are very different, so I’d recommend you read both pages to determine which buffet suits you best.

The Casino: Mirage’s is larger though Treasure Island’s is  pleasant enough. Either way, these 2 resorts are next to each other with truly very little distance to walk between the 2 so, unless you have casino credits or plan to gamble so much that you will be entitled to casino marketing credits the following day, in this area of the Vegas Strip you will be able to choose among many casinos, including Venetian’s and Wynn’s. Until recently I would have said that Mirage is the ‘more generous’ of the 2 casinos, but frankly I played so much there lately that I can safely say all Strip Casinos seem to be ‘tight’ in a very equal way (which is bad news for us!). You can read our page on the Best Vegas Casinos, if you are interested in ‘serious’ gambling.

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