Best Spas in Vegas

Where to pamper yourself in Las Vegas. For tips and tricks to spend less, scroll down the page.
I love spas and every time I go to Vegas I spend at least one hour a day in my resort’s spa, most days even longer. Thus, when Vegas hotels and resorts, I always take into account the type of spa facilities they offer. The very best Vegas spas within Vegas hotels and resorts are highlighted below.

Mandarin Oriental (Vegas) Spa. Mid-Strip, in the new, modern City-Center complex (3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South). We have written a full page on this spa, you can read it by clicking on the highlighted words.

Mandalay Bay Spa. Las Vegas Blvd South (South Strip). If you value soaking up amidst high-end, top-quality whirlpools and jacuzzis this is the spa for you. Not only do they have 4 magnificent whirlpool areas with varying intensity and temperatures (3 of them are very large, one is a cold-temperature plunge), but they offer a top-class atmosphere thanks to a huge number of waterfalls, a classy and beautiful ancient Asian decor, a fabulous sitting room area with many juices, hot and cold drinks with a real espresso and cappuccino machine and, separately, a relaxing/sleeping area with extremely comfortable beds and a dimmed, quiet atmosphere (in a dimmed light). No matter where else you can go, this large spa and it’s many waterfalls is still the best. Let’s hope that the new Mandalay Bay management’s plans don’t include changing this high-class Vegas spa or cutting corners somewhere, because this under-rated, truly beautiful spa is by far our favorite!

Bellagio Spa, Las Vegas Blvd South (Mid Strip). This award-winning spa is beautiful and ideal if you prefer a modern style throughout. Its whirlpool and jacuzzi tubs are not as seductive as at Mandalay Bay and definitely they seem to be much less ‘private’; however, they are high-quality, multiple, acceptably large and, overall, it’s a great spa with excellent customer service, probably the best in Vegas. Their saunas and hot-steam rooms are large, modern and multiple. Great treatments offered, all expensive of course.

Caesar’s Palace ‘Qua’ Spa, Las Vegas Blvd South (Mid Strip). The ancient Roman theme of Caesar’s Palace is perfect for its spa. After all, the Romans invented this fabulous way to relax and they did have magnificent spas. So, when you go to ‘Qua’, you will think you’ve stepped back in time in terms of beautiful, elegant, ancient Roman decor (marble theme throughout). To maximize your sensorial enjoyment Caesar’s Palace Qua have added a touch of ultra modern with their brand new Arctic Room, where you can enjoy a plunge in temperature in an ice-like environment. It’s all rather fun.

Sometimes a good spa is not necessarily a super-fancy one. To me a good spa is a mix of good facilities and good service, as well as the right atmosphere. Once I was at a spa where all I heard were post-alcohol crazed women (which translated into no relaxation and plenty of loud, irritating chatter); I did not enjoy my time there and quickly learnt to ‘study’ the niche market of each spa. Of course, a good spa to me is also one where you can get good value for money, perhaps offering a range of treatments for a wide range of prices: my favorite are those offering a free entry to the spa and gym for the price of one treatment, though at times some of those ‘complimentary’ treatments are low-quality.

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