Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an abundance of pool parties, in an attempt to attract another source of revenue (besides gambling): alcoholic parties for young visitors (21 and over). You will find amazing resorts offering amazing pool parties. But which ones are the best?

[wp-ad_camp_1]Before giving you the opinion of ‘the majority’, we wish to stress that it’s very much a subjective choice no matter what people will tell you; sometimes the differences are subtle or based on purely subjective preferences. However, there is a generic consensus on the following ‘favorites’:

Rehab at Hard Rock resort (off Strip). Loud, crazy spring-break-type atmosphere, especially over the weekend and Sundays and Saturdays in particular. This is probably the most popular (or at least one of the most popular) pool party in Vegas, ideal for heavy drinkers wanting loud music, surrounded by very ‘fit’ people all around :). It is said to be the largest, which means it can attract really large crowds; hence the loud music and the loudness overall.

If you go on weekends, which are of course the super-crowded, peak days, be prepared for significant line ups. Doors open at 11am but you will have to go early if you want to avoid huge line-ups; some start lining up as early as 8am. Hotel guests have some line-up advantages so, if a pool party is your top reason for going to Vegas, you are advised to stay at the resort where your chosen pool party is taking place.

Celebrities and Cabanas: you may often find ‘C’ or ‘D’ list celebrities in the cabana areas; but booking a cabana may not be possible (depending on how busy they are) or, at the very least, may set you back quite a lot of money. From $2000+ per cabana to, on the ‘low’ side, about 500 dollars on ‘slow’ days’. Cabanas here are average, compared to the ‘fanciest’ ones (see following paragraphs).
Music: it’s varied but tendentially House, Rock and Hip-Hop.

[wp-ad_camp_1]Encore Beach Club at the Encore resort (towards North Strip). This is an upscale pool party with large, ‘fancy’ bungalows (air conditioning, private bathroom, some with jacuzzis and other with a great view) and large, fancy cabanas. The former can be 10,000 dollars (and up) on peak days and the latter range from 1,500 to 7000 dollars (roughly), again depending on whether you are booking for ‘hot dates’ or ‘slower periods’. Cheaper alternatives will be options like day beds and lily pads, ranging from 450 to 2000 dollars, depending on how busy they are. Part of this large area (altogether, combined, about 60,000 square footage) is Surrender nightclub.

Marquee Day Club at the ‘chic’ Cosmopolitan Resort (mid Strip). Another popular choice, also part of the novelty of the newer resort in the Las Vegas City Center area (near mid Strip). A lovely, smaller club which is not as crazy as Rehab but still offers an excellent program of DJs (often), one of the most popular in Las Vegas.

Wet Republic at the MGM resort. MGM remodelled its pool areas and switched gears with regards to the ‘niche’ they wish to attract the most; it seems to me that young party crowds are the top favorite clientele here these days. Long gone are the days of families watching the beautiful lions at the entrance of this resort: not it’s music, alcohol and sports all around. Having said this, many say that it’s not as loud, as drunken and as crazy as Rehab or some other pool parties, so if you want a more ‘respectable’ crowd (still having a great time) this may be the choice for you.

[wp-ad_camp_1]It’s probably the second largest pool party in Vegas so you can choose amongst many types of cabanas and bungalows, day beds and lounge tables, with different prices, from around 2000 dollars and up. Their deluxe options are top of the range and very modern.

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