Cosmo, Mandarin or Aria?

Cosmopolitan (the ‘balcony’ resort), Aria and Mandarin Oriental are 3 of the better choices among Vegas resorts for those who love modern, chic and sophistication. But, which one is the better choice for you?

The 3 new hotels in the new City Center of Las Vegas have been where many have flocked to, wanting to try these new Vegas hotel and resort experiences. Of course, you have to love a modern atmosphere and a modern décor and, at the same time, you have to not care about a ‘themed’ resort (such as the Luxor, Caesars Palace, Mirage, Paris Vegas or the Venetian).

If you love Vegas for its unique ability to offer so many different experiences, just as a French feel or a Northern Italian lake experience (Bellagio), then maybe soaking up the modern-but-faceless atmosphere of the new Vegas City Center (mid Strip area) is not the best choice for you.

However, if you know all the other resorts well and you are seeking a modern, ‘sophisticated’ experience then you’ll be probably considering whether to book at Cosmopolitan, Mandarin Oriental or at the Aria. In terms of location, they are in mid-Strip so, arguably, the best location in Las Vegas, especially if you want to make some trips to Bellagio or just want to stroll along the Strip at night (the best night-stroll area in Vegas is still the fountains of Bellagio and the Parisian cafes just in front, though Venetian is truly beautiful too at night (and in the day).

In brief, Aria is an overall contemporary, beautiful, airy, ‘full’ resort with a great, huge, modern casino and, unless you are seeking for something really specific (which I will mention in my next paragraph), it’s a ‘safe bet’: everybody who stays there loves the atmosphere and, as an overall full resort & casino, it’s very liked by its guests. Its customer service is also said to be among the best, similar to what Mandalay Bay customer service used to be like (before it underwent some management changes).

You may prefer Cosmopolitan Vegas if you really want super chic ultra-contemporary and you want a balcony: yes, one of its great features are the balconies, in particular those overlooking the stunning lake and fountains and Bellagio. Some say Cosmopolitan Vegas is similar to the Aria hotel only with more ‘bling’. How nice, though, really, to have a balcony! I must admit I am getting a little tired of hotel rooms where you cannot even open the window!

Mandarin Oriental, which is a non-gaming Vegas hotel, is the place which you would choose out of these three if all you wanted was the ‘ultimate luxury’ experience. It’s very sophisticated though it’s not where you go if all you want is ‘fun and play’.

This is ideal if you want to step out of the Vegas atmosphere for a few hours in the day (or at night), and immerse yourself in pampering and sophisticated relaxation. The spa at Mandarin Oriental is very elegant (in a modern way) and has some unique features you may definitely enjoy, but its outdoor pool is, in my opinion, a little narrow.

We have a section titled ‘Best of Vegas’ (see top menu) which many parameters such as best casinos, best pools, best lounges (and so on), which should be able to help you further with your decision.  Having said this, Mandarin Oriental is a little different from the rest given its non-gaming features, so it may well suit those who seek a non-gaming environment.