Gold Coast Buffet

Off-Strip but close and well connected to the Strip; very basic and very cheap! Looking for value for money in terms of dining in Vegas?  But, is it really for you?  Read the important tip further down!

Here I’ll talk about one of such places (but with a surprise in the end), the Gold Coast hotel and casino. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest places you can go to for a very cheap buffet; this is especially the case if you sign up to their players card (it does not cost anything and you can do it on the post by going to casino marketing, just a few steps away from the buffet entrance). Locals often have further ‘perks’ and, in the end, they can easily eat for a couple of dollars!

But, if you are not a local, you can still eat here for a handful of change. Will you enjoy it and will forever be thankful for these extraordinary Las Vegas value-for-money deals? Let’s see.

If you are from some part of (expensive) Canada or Europe (or even South America!) for example, you’ll be wondering if you entered an eating Mecca when you enter Las Vegas, just because you will not believe the low prices and the fantastic value for money. So for you this cheaper Vegas buffet will be like ordering a cup of coffee in Vancouver, for example. But, even if you are from the United States, the Gold Coast Vegas buffet has some ‘aces up your sleeve’.

It seems to be a favourite of local seniors, for example, and if you are in the same age bracket you will find the forever favourites, such as good pea soup, basic clam chowder soup and a 3rd or even 4th soup (it changes), together with the quintessential pasta (which does not taste anything like real Italian pasta) and pizza (the quality – or lack thereof – varies according to who’s making it), Mexican and Chinese sections. The salad bar is getting marginally better, nothing like the Cravings buffet salad bar, for example); bring your own olive oil if you care, we do!…  But the local seniors we met when we were there seemed to be relatively satisfied with everything. Talking about salads, a few months ago they added, next to a new, tiny deli section, a ready-made bowl of caesars salad, which was nice enough and better than the very low-end salad bar they usually offer; however, during our last 2 visits, these changes were no longer present and – in fact – the food was overall worse than usual (in our opinion).  Families and visitors of course do come, mainly enticed by the very low prices of this Vegas buffet and, above all, by the many ‘free buffet’ promotions they receive (designed to entice customers to their casino); we often ask around (we want to make sure it’s not just us being ‘fussy’) and nobody has told us they really like this buffet. The dessert section is also average for Vegas buffets in this price range (everything tastes as if it was purchased at a cheap store).

At dinner they have 3 types of decent-tasting sushi (but basic, most likely pre-bought) and – thankfully – a made-to-order Mongolian grill section with a good teriyaky sauce. Sometimes we only eat those 2 items.

 Summary and Hot Tip. In brief, if you like good food, well prepared and cooked food, this is NOT the Vegas buffet for you. But if you want a cheap buffet, a quick meal to fill your belly, this is a place you could visit, although it’s now been superseded by the much better Palms buffet at a similarly fantastic price. Palms is across the road and – for a similar price – it offers much, much better food; when we don’t have to review anything, we go to Palms to eat.

Gold Coast do offer, on occasion, ‘special menus’ for specific days of the week, though they change often so we’d recommend you double check by calling them:

1 – the 7-Steaks @ 7 -Action Stations bonanza on Thursdays from 4pm (for just about 13 dollars with a B Connected players card and 2 dollars more without a card)

ITALIAN: Steak Pizza New York Sirloin
AMERICAN: Rib Eye Cooked to Order
THE GRILL: Top Sirloin with sautéed mushrooms and onions
SEAFOOD: Beef Oscar Filet
CHINESE: Teriyaki Steak
MONGOLIAN: Spicy Mongolian Steak Sirloin
MEXICAN: Carne Asada Flank Steak

2 – and the ‘All You Can Eat Prime Rib Dinner Buffet every Mondays and Wednesdays (4pm to 9pm), for only about 12 dollars with a B Connected Players card 2 dollars more without the card)

In our opinion, it all sounds better than it actually is.

Hours & Prices of the Gold Coast Buffet

(they can change without notice, so always check with the establishments over the phone before going) – the price accompanied by a * is for B Connected players card holders; you can obtain one from the casino marketing kiosk:

Breakfast: Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10am (6.99 for players card members and 6.99 for regular visitors)

Lunch: Monday-Saturday: 11:00am – 3:00pm ($8.99 for card members and 8.99 for regular visitors)

Dinner: Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 4:00pm – 9:00pm. Price: ($12.99 for card members and 12.99 for non-card members) – always double check the price.

Sunday Brunch: 8:00am – 3:00pm ($11.99 for card members and 12.99 for non-card members) always double check the price. You’ll have some decent sushi (nothing to shout about), some seafood and the traditional breakfast options as well as regular hot and cold choices.

Friday night seafood: 5pm – 9:00pm ($17.99 for card members)

Monday and Wednesday Prime Rib Dinner Buffet: 4:00pm-9:00pm ($12.99 for card members).

Prices can be subject to sudden change so always double check by phone before committing to eat at any buffet.

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