Excalibur Buffet Review (Vegas)

Excalibur Buffet Review below: a short summary, the real details + hours and prices.  At the bottom, you’ll also find a link to our must recent video review of this Las Vegas buffet.

Summary.  The food quality and variety have been declining since its remodeling; as it’s often the case, the promotional images of this buffet are not matched by the reality (nor does the flavor).  However, the seats are comfortable and the seating area is spacious, bright and modern.

Ambiance.  Open, bright, colorful, airy, very spacious and comfortable seats are aspects what you will definitely enjoy in this renewed Vegas buffet.  The food stations are well laid out and many of the seats are boths, thus very comfortable.

Self-Serve Drinks (Excalibur buffet review):  always welcome but ironically declined in selection, considering the very large selection they used to have in the past, which included healthy alternatives (such as non-GMO soy milk).  Now you have a basic section of sugar-based soda drinks, basic coffee and basic milk (at least with 2 options, skimmed and whole)

Food Selection:  The selection is average and, all in all, quite limited.  They have introduced new dishes such as decent quality Sushi, which is a welcome change, but nothing is excellent, only average (better than years ago but worth making a trip to eat here). After the first ’round’ I could not find much else to eat and I quickly resorted to eating desserts.  You will find your basic stations, American/Comfort, Meat, Italian-inspired (not authentic of course), a large but not inspiring Mexican section, Asian, a basic salad station and a few, limited, cooked vegetables, but all in all the dessert area, with its made-to-order crepes may be the star of this buffet… Well, it was:  this because on my last trip they seemed to have cut corners and settled with serving lower-grade ingredients, thus ruining what used to be a great crepe. Excalibur Buffet Review

Having said this, if you go for Saturday or Friday dinner, you will find a better selection of cooked dishes than on any other day.  If your taste buds go beyond meat and potatoes (and junk food), you will probably prefer the larger Luxor buffet, which you can enjoy with the same one-day-pass.

Food Quality (Excalibur buffet review):  The hot/cooked section was average or even below average; the cold section was very limited, with relatively bland flavors.

Is this buffet affordable?  

It’s affordable, though nothing like the better & even nicer-looking Red Rock Buffet; its price is roughly on par with Studio B, but the latter is still much better, much larger and with a much wider variety of dishes (which are actually delicious), and …Not just for meat lovers!  If you are looking for a great value for money all-you-can-eat (especially for lunch, though you can stay over for dinner if you want), nothing beats Studio B.  Ah… if only Studio B were closer to the Strip or ran a frequent shuttle service…
But of course ‘management’ don’t really care if there is a much better buffet at lower or comparable prices in another area of Vegas; what they care about is as follows:  is this buffet good enough so that visitors will return or simply not run away from it?  And, given that Excalibur is still more or less a ‘budget’ Strip resort, the other point they care about is:  is this buffet affordable enough so that visitors won’t run to the MGM Grand buffetAria’s or Bellagio’s?  So the short answer is:  yes, it’s ‘ok’ and affordable enough to capture anybody who is happy with an average buffet in a updated environment and the usual run-of-the-mill choices.

Tip: you can find free entrances through myVegas; always calculate which myVegas rewards are better value: sometimes the less expensive buffets are better paid for by other types of coupons or in full, therefore saving myVegas rewards for higher-priced items; you can read about this on our myVegas pages.  Details about meals and dishes below and our tip on the day pass.

All day Buffet Pass info and tips as part of our Excalibur Buffet Review:

Apart from offering wonderful roll-overs (which means you can enter for breakfast and stay for lunch, or go for lunch and stay for dinner), another positive side of this all you can eat is the fact that here you can go several times a day with the same ‘day pass’. Basically, for $36 (40 dollars on Fridays) you can not only eat as much as you like but also visit the buffet multiple times during the day, from breakfast to dinner; or, you can combine visits with the nearby Luxor (double check this before you go), since these 2 buffets have joined forces and now allow you to visit either of the 2 with the same pass. An all-day buffet pass lets you pace yourself of course and takes away the stress of rushing to beat the expensive dinner prices in the hope to catch roll-overs (for an explanation of this read the bottom of our Bellagio page). This way you can eat whenever you like and enjoy the rest of your activities in Las Vegas!

Most average buffets have now introduced this all-day-all-you-can-eat pass for $36.00-40+; moreover, all Harrah’s group buffets have introduced a 24-hour buffet pass for almost all of their properties. The good thing about the MGM Group day passes is that you can walk in and do not have to line up, so you can go even 10 times a day! If lining up is a problem for you, just check if you are a Pearl (and above) M Life member: if you are, then you will be able to skip the line ups anywhere at the MGM Resorts Buffets.

As with most all-day passes at average buffets, it is only worth going if you plan to eat 3 times a day here and happen to be in the area (and don’t want to go anywhere else). If you eat a lot, don’t care about gourmet food nor variety and are in the area buying a day pass may well be a great idea.  If all you want is a very cheap buffet, also check our super affordable buffets reviews, such as the good yet cheaper Palms buffet and the Red Rock Buffet.

Breakfast (Excalibur Buffet Review)

You won’t find anything extravagant; you won’t find the breakfast delicacies Bellagio, yet you’ll find plenty of eggs, bacon, sausages and the ubiquitous made-to-order omelette station with average fillings option:  however, do not hesitate to run around the various stations, pick up something different and offer it to the cook (in high-end buffets you can pick up smoked salmon and garlic & herbs cream cheese from other stations, or high quality, marinated mushrooms, artichokes and similar, for example) for him/her to mix it with the usual average fillings).   Then you’ll also find a small variety of potatoes, the ubiquitous run-of-the-mill cereal and, for those needing something healthy in the mix of all those ‘bad’ carbs and heavy protein, a salad section.

Regular Dinner & Seafood Dinner (Excalibur Buffet Review)

Besides the ubiquitous (= you’ll find them at every buffet in Vegas) average stations (American-style pasta & pizza, American-style cooked meat & comfort food, Mexican/Taco Bar, Asian, a small salad section), something to note is perhaps the disproportionate amount of meat in every shape and size (from steak to sausages to giant hot dogs but also, for dinner, bison and lamb stew) which will please some visitors; you will find crab legs and shrimps of course, average ubiquitous Ceviche (fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, chopped onions, salt, and cilantro and other variable seasonings – a dish which needs to be prepared perfectly with great ingredients in order to be good); on their special ‘seafood dinner buffet’ on Friday, you will also find salmon with hibiscus glaze, Cajun crab mac & cheese, craw-fish, larger crab legs and Sushi (if you are after good Sushi, you may still have to go to the top buffets in Vegas)

Dessert (Excalibur Buffet Review): this is the section which was greatly improved, with a delicious made-to-order crepe section with Nutella chocolate and a large selection of desserts in general.  On our last visit this station looked and felt as if corners were cut; the crepe was below par, although this can also depend on who is making it.  As a tip to make your crepe better (if you are a food fuss-pot like us) pick up some real fruit (if you find any, since lately we have not!) and ask them to put it together and, above all, you must ask them to warm it up for longer than what they may tend to do, since they are often in a rush.  If you like good crepes, I found the best ones at the Paris Buffet (they have savory as well as sweet crepes, and on our last visit they were delicious).

On special dinners (such as the Friday Seafood buffet), you will enjoy the relatively popular hand-dipped ice cream bars.  If you are a dessert lover, our Best Vegas Buffets for Dessert is a must-read.

Drinks (Excalibur Buffet Review)

You will find a modern self-serve drink station (which we have grown to like, since you won’t have to wait for anything anymore), including coffee, filtered (finally!) water, iced tea, hot tea, coke, milk and flavored water; a similar version of the ultra modern Mirage’s drinks section.  We found that the cappuccinos and coffees available at these self-serve sections are of relative low quality, unfortunately; and, of course, you will not enjoy real orange juice, I’m afraid, not even remotely close to it: more like orange-flavor water.  We enjoyed the commendable attempt to serve non-GMO soy milk (which is very important, actually); how long this extra bit of ‘care’ will last, we don’t know; it depends on how many of you will appreciate it and consume it. 🙂

Service:  Good enough.

Excalibur Buffet Hours and Prices (Excalibur Buffet Review)

BREAKFAST – 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Adults: $17.99
Children (5-11): $10.99

LUNCH 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Adults: $18.99
Children: $12.99


4:00 PM – 10:00 PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY)
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)

Adults: $23.99 – (Monday – Thursday)
Children (5-11): $15.99
Adults: $26.99 – (Friday – Sunday)
Children (5-11): $17.99DINNER

4:00 PM – 10:00 PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY)
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)

Adults: $23.99 – (Monday – Thursday)
Children (5-11): $15.99
Adults: $26.99 – (Friday – Sunday)
Children (5-11): $17.99

BRUNCH 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Adults: $21.99
Children: $15.99


Adults: $26.99
Children: $17.99


Adults (Monday–Thursday): $35.99
Children (Monday–Thursday): $25.99
Adults (Friday–Sunday): $39.99
Children (Friday–Sunday): $25.99 *Valid at Excalibut & Luxor except on holidays.


Monday–Thursday: $16.99
Friday–Sunday & Holidays: $19.99


Monday–Thursday: $10.00 Friday–Sunday: $12.99

(Up to 2 hours Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Draft Beer & House Wine

*Price is subject to change, especially during holidays.

Always check with the establishment on the day you plan to go (or the day before), since prices and hours can change overnight without notice.  Phone: 702-597-7777 and ask to be put through the buffet or simply ask your questions at front desk.  They will both be able to help you.

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