24 hour Cheap Vegas Meals

24 hour Cheap Vegas Meals: where to find all day cheap breakfast, 24-hour affordable meals, late night budget meals in Las Vegas.

If you are after a meal deal you may want to check the following casinos; not everybody will love them, but if you’re after a cheap, quick meal deal this may be ‘it’ for you:

 Ellis Island (4178 Koval Lane, located 10 minutes walking from Bally’s on East Flamingo Rd, next to the Platinum Hotel And Spa). The locals know this casino for their home-brewed root beer (their speciality); but if you are after a good cheap meal deal, here you can order great ribs for a cheap price or their ‘steak special’ for about 8 dollars; locals say it’s the best steak you can get in Las Vegas, so if you’re into stakes and have time to go a little off Strip this is the meal for you; to enhance your super-affordable steak experience you will be treated to a free specialty beer.

We just returned there recently and we were astonished at the sizes of those meat dishes. I had never seen plates that large! You can easily order only one dish and share it with your companion. If meat is not your thing, there are so many other affordable yet bountiful choices that you won’t regret stepping out of the Strip if you are on a budget! Affordable, good quality pizza (true Italian-style) and an array of cheap sandwiches, cheap all-day breakfasts (from 2 to 4 dollars!), cheap soups, cheap chips… The list is endless. One of the most affordable food outlets inside Ellis Island is the Boardhouse: friendly staff, generous portions and cheap prices. If it’s late and you are in the area, and you are hungry and on a budget, Ellis Island is the place you could definitely try! The immediate surroundings are not the prettiest (but it does not feel unsafe at all) and inside the casino is smoke-filled, albeit really cheerful and croweded with happy, cheerful, friendly locals; Ellis Island (inside) has plenty of character, so you won’t be disappointed if low prices and quality are important for you.

A note on their pizza: here you can enjoy a good pizza deal (which is hard to find in Las Vegas, especially in the tourist areas); one slice for 3 dollars and, on occasions, two slices for the price of one. Not bad, considering that when we’re at New York New York we spend about 8 dollars on 2 slices of pizza! A large whole pizza sells for about 10 dollars. If this is too expensive for you, opt for the cheap and delicious sandwiches mentioned above.  More on 24 hours cheap Vegas meals:

Silver Seven (formerly knows as Terrible’s) – 4100 Paradise Rd; if you are after a full breakfast 24 hours, this may be the place for you, as long as you are not looking for gourmet-Bellagio-type of breakfast! For about 4 dollars you can fill up with the quintessential eggs and bacon and, for those with a sweet tooth, pancakes. It’s not on the Strip, as you may already know, but it’s a relatively short walk from it (though perhaps not advisable at night if you are alone). Since it’s now the Silver Seven hotel and casino, they may change what they offer so double check with them before you go there, unless you’re in the area already (we’ll check too and let you know, don’t hesitate to ‘nudge us‘!)  What about 24 hour cheap Vegas meals in the downtown area?

Four Queens (downtown Vegas) – Here meat lovers can find another good, cheap meal deal which, if you are already downtown, you should probably try (again, don’t expect gourmet but your run-of-the-mill quality, which is good enough for most). At dinner here you can enjoy a good portion prime-rib meal for about 9 dollars; however, you can find coupons for this deal and with those you can enjoy it for half the price; then, for $4.50 it’s a great dinner time meal deal! We have a page on how to find Vegas coupons, which you can read.

Late night meals in Vegas & more 24 hour cheap Vegas meals

We’ve all been there; you’ve gambled, you’ve had a bit too much too drink perhaps, or you just had enough excitement that you just can’t go to bed without eating; all of a sudden it’s 11pm and you’re hungry! Well, if you are on the Strip the choices are grim, though more and more resorts now have a 24-hour food service of some sort, though often limiting and expensive. But where can you get a real meal deal at this time of the night? Certainly not at the LVH, for example, where you may have to remortgage your house and forfeit any gambling for the rest of your stay if you eat at one of those very average (to say the least) late night restaurants! So, where are the late-night meal deals in Vegas? Where are the true, old-style affordable, 24 hour cheap Vegas meals?

El Cortez (downtown Vegas, 600 E. Fremont Street). I like El Cortez because their rooms are more than decent and super cheap; they offer a good deal all around for literally a handful of change. Again, if you’re wondering downtown and want something to eat after 10.30pm (until 7am and 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays), here you can get a full breakfast for only about 5 dollars; for that you can enjoy the traditional eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and hash browns: a good deal for that time of night and for those who can never eat enough breakfast. If you want to ‘splash out’ you can have steaks, burgers, seafood and appetisers such as delicious New York pastrami.

Ellis Island (4178 Koval Lane). This small casino (see more details above) has another special meal deal for you, besides those described above: for about 5 dollars you can enjoy (late at night) a traditional plate made of eggs, bacon/sausage, gravy and biscuits; maybe not the king meal that you might dream about, but it’s a cheap fill for ‘late nighters’. From 11pm to 11am you can have 2 or 3 choices of cheap breakfast meals (4 or 5 dollars) and some other ‘fancier’ dishes too for a couple of extra dollars. If you like eggs, bacon/sausage and gravy, the Orleans (4500 West Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas) has an even cheaper version of this traditional breakfast fare, between 3 and 5 dollars: it opens at midnight.

Hard Rock Las Vegas (Mr Lucky’s 24-7 coffee shop and diner, a die-hard 24 hour cheap Vegas meal gem). (4455 Paradise Road). Do you want a meal after midnight for around 4 or 5 dollars? Here you can find burger and fries or steak and eggs (yes, well, variety is not the forte of all these late-night quick-cheap-meal places, but then again it’s probably meeting the requirement of the majority… Sometimes I wonder why late-nighters can only choose between heavy meat dishes or junk food, but then again, maybe I’m too picky… To summarize, their midnight-to-noon inexpensive meal deals are:

New York Steak & Eggs – 8 oz NY Steak, two eggs, hash browns and toast for $4.99*

Burger Basket – classic old-school burger and French fries for $3.99*

*These cheap prices are for players card members only but, as you may have read on our page ‘how to get free stuff’, it’s really easy to sign up for any players card.

If you don’t mind driving ‘south of’ South Strip (but not that far, especially if you drive – you can actually go by bus too but it’s not the best of rides and you’ll still have to walk for a bit), South Point offers several cheap, quick meal deals, ranging from 3 to 5 dollars, which include a large burger and steak and eggs.

Silverton (off South Strip) has probably the one of the cheapest biscuit and gravy deals, for 99 cents! Popular with locals, if you rent a car or are in the area it would be a cheap experience; the Silverton casino and hotel is a very nice place anyway, so it’ll be a pleasant experience.

Silver Seven, 4100 Paradise Rd, former Terrible’s) continues it’s niche-offering with several late-night cheap meals for about five dollars (not gourmet food, I hasten to underline) which, besides the quintessential steak, include spaghetti or chicken. Scroll back to the top of the page for its address. Since it’s now the Silver Seven hotel and casino, they may change what they offer so double check with them before you go there, unless you’re in the area already (we’ll check too and let you know, don’t hesitate to ‘nudge us’

Many locals seem to like Ellis Island’s Vegas meal deals a lot as well as El Cortez and, perhaps, the Hard Rock (see above); but all the above places have something for everybody so, if you have time and you tend to be hungry late at night, and you don’t mind going off Strip, trying these places may be an experience anyway.  If you found out another gem to be added to our list of 24 hour cheap Vegas meals, let us know below (we just open this section here because our comments section is very long).

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Have you found your own 24 hour cheap Vegas meals places?  Let us know below.

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