Las Vegas Nightclub passes

Well, they do have everything you can imagine in Las Vegas!  Night club lovers will now be able to enjoy their favorite activity in a package packed with special offers and multiple clubs.

 V cards. For a price starting at 99 dollars, you can buy a VIP pass for a wide range of popular night clubs, as well as free admission before midnight. Is it worth it? Sometimes it is, especially if you can secure a pass during ‘hot nights’. Otherwise it’s not, because you can get VIP passes and free admission almost every week night (provided it’s not during a special event), and all you have to do is to call the designated night club of your choice. I would always call the nightclub of my choice and ask for VIP passes for the dates you are interested in. Buying a VIP pass is always a last choice.

 Night Club Crawls. They often start on Thursdays 9.30pm, on Fridays 9pm and on Saturdays 10pm.  The options you can choose from are:


One night Vegas club-crawl package; this will cost $30 but it’s worth around 65 dollars, since it includes:

Exemptions from cover charges and VIP access to 5 clubs

Appetizers and one shot at The Deuce Lounge, Dick’s Last Resort, or Cabo Wabo

2  A 2-night (must be consecutive) Vegas club crawl, same as above and therefore worth about 120 dollars.

3 A 3-night Vegas crawl (must be consecutive), worth around 170 dollars.

For $70, you get the club-crawl package for three consecutive nights (a $170 value).

This one is a Groupon offer. All the participating clubs are close together.

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