Affordable Suites for Young Crowds

The M Suites at Harrah’s are following the new ‘modern’ trend that Vegas has been following for some time. In my opinion the furniture is cheap, but it really does look modern. Very trendy, ideal for late twenties-early thirties guests (or even late thirties).

It has all the modern comforts you would expect from a brand new suite. Spacious, airy, modern colors (white and black in bathrooms, red white and black in the other rooms). So, if you like this sort of modern style, and you can get it for a reasonable price, you won’t be disappointed if you are after a good suite.

I would not say that Harrah’s caters for a very young crowd and if you are 21 you may be better off at Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock, just because the ‘vibes’ are different, although you are very close to so many casinos, bars and restaurants that it won’t really matter much. If you are on a budget and you are after a great pool area, however, then Mandalay Bay offers great looking suites and large rooms which will not leave you disappointed either, for a very good price.

Venetian always offers a great deal for 4 guests who are willing to share one suite. Each suite has 2 king size bedrooms or 3 double size bedrooms, with couches which become pull out beds (always double check with reservation because the suites vary slightly); they are beautiful and Venetian is where Tao is, which is both a cool topless pool area (and bar) and a nightclub.

If you want to find out which Vegas hotels are better suited to your needs, our section ‘best of Vegas‘ deals with all the main features of a hotel you may be looking for.