Haunted Places in Vegas

There are many stories about haunted places in Las Vegas. Almost every ‘old’ Vegas hotel and casino seems to be haunted, according to rumors, in various areas. For example, (un-checked) rumors maintain that Luxor had allegedly its share of ‘suicide’ gamblers (people who had gambled away their money) in the ‘old days’, and for that reasons the whole resort is said to be haunted. However, we’ve stayed in their beautiful (yet affordable) Tower Rooms over and over and never witnessed any haunting. Feel free to add your own experience or knowledge at the bottom of this page, in the comments section.

Binions – Part of ‘old Vegas’, it goes almost without saying that there are plenty of rumors and stories of it being haunted in various places, to the point that an episode of Haunted Collector on Sci-Fi Channel explored potential paranormal activities taking place during its renovations. Cynics say it’s a way to revive interest and increase foot traffic to the casino… But then the same could be said for any hotel and casino! Again, we have witnessed nothing anywhere, and we’d welcome your input via the comments section below.

Bally’s – Did you know that this is where the old, original MGM resort and casino stood? On November 21st, 1980 a horrific fire took place and it killed 85 people. This is rumored to be the reason for several alleged ‘hauntings’ in several areas of the hotel, especially on the higher floors.

Excalibur – as huge as it is – has had some alleged hauntings on some mid-floors. Again, we’ve stayed at Excalibur many times in the past (when on a budget) and we never witnessed anything. Feel free to add your own experience or knowledge at the bottom of this page, in the comments section.

Elvis Presley’s fans may want to visit the show room area (especially back stage) of the former Las Vegas Hilton (now Las Vegas Hotel LVH, off Strip), where some have rumored to have seen his ghost.

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