Prime Restaurant, Las Vegas

Inside the Bellagio resort, mid Strip. We’ve heard so much about Prime from so many that we’ve decided to write about this supposedly ‘best-ever’ restaurant in Las Vegas. Is it really as heavenly as it’s supposed to be?

Prime is located inside the Bellagio resort and it’s the ‘buzz’ in town for elegance, refinement and fantastic food.

There are people who love to eat really well in Vegas no matter the cost; then there are people who want the experience of a lifetime. Vegas boasts many fabulous restaurants where you can have gastronomic bliss for prices which stem from low to absolutely, crazily high. We have listed several on ‘best Vegas restaurants’.

In terms of quality Las Vegas offers the best of everything even in this aspect: you will have the best you can get for your money, from a few dollars (see ‘cheap Vegas meals‘) to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

So, where does Prime fit in all this?

If you like Olives, which is one of the best restaurants in Vegas for good Mediterranean food in a great setting yet not too pretentious, you will certainly love Prime:

it’s the same only ‘even better’, in terms of the level of gourmet dishes and, above all, in terms of elegance and romanticism. Most say that the difference between Olive and Prime is exactly that: whilst both excellent, Prime goes the extra step in gastronomic (and atmospheric) finesse and refinement. If you are after fine dining in a romantic setting, Prime is the place for you. If you want to dream over and over about the food you were eating, Prime is where you must go.

Prime restaurant in Vegas is highly praised for:

♥ ‘the best steak in Vegas’ in an elegant setting. I have heard, over and over, that as you put the meat in your mouth, it melts and gives you the experience of a lifetime. Many say that they can’t enjoy a steak anywhere else after they have eaten at Prime.

♥ ‘the best rib-eye in Vegas’ in an elegant setting; excellent sauces you can choose from to accompany this dish, all the very ‘best of its kind’

♥ ‘the New York Strip’

♥ excellent service (it will make you feel as if you were a celebrity or a highly-regarded VIP guest)

♥ ‘best filet mignon’

♥ ‘divinely cooked vegetables which you can enjoy by themselves or accompanying a main dish

♥ ‘the best Margarita’

♥ ‘fantastic entrees’, which include high-quality Sushi

♥ ‘best views of the Bellagio fountains’ from the inside and outside areas of this elegant restaurant

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