3 Unmissable Things in Vegas

We have a list-by-taste of things to do in Vegas but, for those who want to know what they canNOT miss in Vegas, these are 3 of them, starting with the most popular but also including some ‘hidden secrets‘ and lesser-known options (which are fantastic):

1 – Strip stroll along key themed resorts and Bellagio fountain show.  If it’s your first time in Vegas, no matter which hotel you are staying, a walk along mid Strip, during the day and at night, is almost mandatory, to breathe in the atmosphere of in and around the ‘heart’ of Vegas; this includes the famous fountain show on the Bellagio ‘lake’.  The central area where the Bellagio and Paris resorts stand is absolutely beautiful, the best example of when Vegas’ objective used be the visual experience provided by stunning ‘themed’ resorts.  Today, the new resorts are ultra modern and theme-less; some are definitely slick and beautiful but, some say, several of them are devoid of character; so, enjoying the best of Vegas’ themed resorts is a unique experience which will provide unparalleled memories.  For this reason, beyond Caesars Palace, walking northbound, you must also visit the beauty (outside and inside) of the Venetian/Palazzo resort as well as the Mirage.  From around 2016, you should keep walking northbound to see Resorts World.

2 – Hidden Secret & Historical Vegas.  Unless all you care about is partying 24/7, there are some  historical spots in Vegas, all easily reachable, which will provide unique visual experiences.  The very best of these are listed on Historical Attractions in Vegas.   If you don’t mind driving a short distance away from town, the Ghost Town of Chloride is in a league of its own.  If you go later in the afternoon you’ll find few people walking around, so the experience if much more intense.

3 – A Buffet Feast & Lesser-Known Gems…..  Unless you dislike food, experiencing the jaw-dropping extravagance of some of the best buffets in the world is a must.  It’s not just about food, but about presentation and the overall experience.  Las Vegas is still a place where you can find the best of the best so, even when standards are not held as high as they should be, you will find at least 2 buffets which are a feast to your eyes and your taste buds.  We have a quick list of the very best all-you-can-eat  (and we explain why) on Best 10 Buffets in Vegas.  The hidden lesser-known gem is definitely Studio B, which is affordable, and for those super-budget-oriented, Red Rock