Cheap Weekend Buffets in Vegas

You are in Vegas and you want to indulge at a great yet very affordable buffet.  But there’s a problem:  it’s the weekend!  So, what to do and where to go?

The most expensive meals in Vegas all-you-can-eats are on Friday night, on Saturday and for Sunday brunch; to save money, you can either go to more affordable Strip buffets or venture out of the Strip altogether.  You have 2 main options:  to visit downtown Vegas and take that opportunity to eat there at significantly lower prices, or go to some ‘hidden’ gems outside the beaten path, where you can eat like a king and still barely dent your wallet.  These are:

In the Fremont Street area, bluntly put, there is no establishment which will offer a wide range of dishes nor good quality ones (by good quality I refer to ingredients used but also how well they are prepared).  For details of the options you have here please go to our downtown Vegas buffets section.

However, budget-oriented buffet lovers have 3 great choices during the weekend:

1 – the Palms buffet (click on the link for full details).  Great little buffet at really affordable prices.  You can use a very frequent shuttle service from the Strip, and we talk about that on the indicated dedicated page.

2 – the Red Rock buffet.  Huge lines ups but here you will find a larger, beautiful-looking buffet with a wide range of tasty dishes.  The problem with this resort is that there are no real frequent shuttles to and from the Strip, though our dedicated page will explain what’s available for those who don’t have a car.   Of course, if you have a car, it’s almost a must-go if you have time on your hands and want to eat well but cheaply.

3 – the Silverton buffet could be an option if you have a car; its quality and dish range vary quite a bit but it may be worth a visit if you are in the area.  The resort itself is beautiful and, being low-rise, it offers a change from the other massive, high-rise resorts in Vegas.