Free Vegas Buffets

Our largest section on Las Vegas deals (including free buffets) is our Special Vegas Buffet Deals page.  The following is information on general tips and a handful of current free buffet ‘specials’.

  One of the most obvious ways to secure free buffets, usually 2 entries for up to 2 people, is to book a hotel + buffet package.  They are very popular, from the budget Vegas resorts to the most upscale ones (such as Wynn), most of them have recently introduced free buffets with a room booking.  These offers are easily found on each resort’s direct website; alternatively, you can visit some of the websites indicated on this page, since they reproduce the same offers; recently we found a very good one for the Tropicana resort.

There are a number of Vegas buffets and restaurants who offer great value for money all the time. Some of them are so cheap that you may not care about a free entry at all, such as the cheap 24-hour ‘diners’ or the cheap breakfast some 24 Vegas restaurants have; the choices are endless. We are always on the lookout for the best deal and that must include edible and even good food, of course (no pointing eating cheap if it makes you sick!)

2-for-1 buffets and 50% off. If you walk around the Harrah’s area all the way down to Flamingo, you will often (during low season) find people distributing 50 per cent off or 2 for 1 buffets offers; you may find them also outside the Paris or Bally’s (we were told by several people we met at buffets) but we found them in the area between Harrah’s and the Linq (where the old Quad and, before that, Imperial Palace stood).  Those buffet offers were for the Flamingo buffet.  By all means, if you need to eat something quickly, it’s a good buffet deal for the Strip; however, given that the Flamingo buffet is not a good buffet in our opinion, you may want to skip it altogether or keep it for when you just want a bite and don’t wish to spend anything beyond a handful of dollars.   Some people we met at the Paris buffet said that they were given a set of 2-for-1 buffet coupons by timeshare presentations reps without even having to attend, but only chatting with them for a few minutes.  I would recommend trying it, whilst however being very careful not to get sucked into what they are selling (timeshare and similar):  just chat with them briefly, get the buffet coupons and leave.

 If you don’t know yet, one of the best ways (and fun too!) to secure free buffets from the MGM group (and occasional from other Vegas resort groups) is through the online free game myVegas.  Our dedicated page goes through a detailed explanation, tips and tricks and a list of best Vegas rewards to redeem from this game (including free entries to expensive buffets).

Free Buffets at the Silverton resort and the M Resort (the latter runs the same type of promotion as the former).

Gold Coast Seafood buffet special. Currently This Vegas hotel and casino has been offering a seafood buffet special every Friday from 4pm-9pm.  It’s either free or largely discounted:  it’s for all players card holders (the card is called B Connected, and you can sign up for free on the spot): Emerald card holders can enjoy this seafood buffet special for free, Sapphire card holders receive 2 for 1 and Ruby card holders (pretty much anybody who has just signed up and not accumulated any significant number of points) receive 50% off after earning 10 points (which is very easy, all you have to do is play very little at their casino whilst using their B Connected card).

The Gold Coast buffet is not the best in Vegas to say the least (it’s very plain and small, lately everything seems to be served without much care, unfortunately), but their seafood special draws quite a local crowd so, if you are in the area (next door to the Rio, which has a much more expensive seafood buffet) you can take advantage of what is going to be (probably) one of the cheapest seafood weekend offer (weekend buffets are always much more expensive!). Since they can stop this offer without notice, always double check with any establishment by giving them a call and asking to speak to the buffet directly. However:

at this point it’s fair to highlight that, if you are in the Rio/Gold Coast area, you are much better off eating at the good yet very affordable Palms buffet (if you click on the underlined words you will go to our page dedicated to this truly delicious and truly affordable buffet.